Not-so-Golden Tate: Russell Wilson Not Only Transfer QB Interested in Auburn

Nathan DealCorrespondent IMay 25, 2011

Former Michigan QB Tate Forcier throws a pass in a 2009 game against Ohio State. Are Forcier and Wilson both on Auburn's radar?
Former Michigan QB Tate Forcier throws a pass in a 2009 game against Ohio State. Are Forcier and Wilson both on Auburn's radar?Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The bombshell news of the day on the Plains was that according to a report by ESPN's Joe Schad, Ex-NC State QB Russell Wilson was in Auburn today talking to coaches.

Of course, this is Joe Schad we're talking about, so for all we know, Russell Wilson may not even know Auburn is in Alabama.

Russell Wilson, one of the greatest players in NC State history, was moved to second on the Wolfpack's depth chart because he had to devote so much time to baseball, where he plays in the minor leagues. Seeing as he wouldn't start over Mike Glennon, he asked NC State for a release, which was granted.

Wilson is college football's first "free agent", meaning he can go to any school that offers a course not taught at NC State. This qualifies almost every school in the country. The only rules for Wilson were that he could not go to another ACC school. Seems fair enough.

Wilson, who is a dual-threat QB, is being talked about as the heir to Cam Newton's spot. It seems the reigning national champions and the Wisconsin Badgers are the top two for the stud QB, who has just one year of eligibility left.

ESPN's Mark Schlabagh, who doesn't have Auburn in his preseason top 25, said that if Auburn were to land Wilson, he would move Auburn into the rankings. Fellow ESPN talking head David Pollack, the former UGA linebacker, stated that Wilson-to-Auburn would improve Auburn's win total by at least two in 2011.

So the Auburn fanbase is buzzing right now in the hopes that Wilson will don the orange and blue and lead the team to its second consecutive national title.

While many people in the country were pondering how Wilson would do in Auburn, another potential QB-to-Auburn story broke. This option? I wouldn't exactly call it as glamorous. In fact, I would say Auburn's better off with Barrett Trotter, Clint Moseley or Kiehl Frazier.

Former Michigan Wolverines QB Tate Forcier, who lost his starting job before the 2010 opener to some player named Denard Robinson, was released from the school after being suspended for academic trouble before the 2011 Gator Bowl loss to Mississippi State.

Forcier announced that he would sign with the Miami Hurricanes in February, but earlier in May he decided not to take his talents to South Beach (yes, a LeBron joke in a college football article.)

He claimed that Miami was too far away from his home in San Diego, California. Which makes it perplexing that, according to several reports today, he is extremely interested in playing for the Auburn Tigers.

Along with Auburn, Forcier is considering USC, San Diego State, Kansas State and Montana.

Now, I won't claim that I'm the smartest man alive when it comes to world geography, but I'm pretty sure Auburn, Alabama is pretty far away from California. It's not that much closer than Miami, Florida. So why would he be interested in Auburn? (Insert an overused-by-Alabama-fans money joke here.)

The offense Auburn plays is perfect for a dual-threat like him, but in my humble opinion, Auburn should stay away from Tate Forcier.

Forcier has been proven to have a me-first attitude. An example is when, during the late moments of the Wolverines' 30-10 win over UConn, instead of being happy for the team, he was on the bench moping that Denard Robinson started over him.

He didn't seem to care that his team was moments away from a 20-point win over a team that eventually won the Big East and went to the Fiesta Bowl.

Also, unlike Wilson, Forcier has two years of eligibility left, which would probably do some damage to Auburn's plans for Kiehl Frazier and Zeke Pike.

Simply put, Russell Wilson is far and away a better choice than Forcier. Then again, as proven with people like Cam Newton and Mike Vick, people can change. Oh yes, people can change.