Chase Ruttig's NHL Week In Review: For The Week Of October 13-20

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

While the second week of the NHL season is in the books and we have seen some of the pre-season contenders rise to the top, while others are experiencing some early season difficulties, I will break down all of the events of another fabulous week in the National Hockey League.

Denis Savard Relieved of his Duties as Chicago Blackhawks

Coach Denis Savard, one of the greatest defensemen of all time, and Blackhawks coach was fired after only four games behind the bench in Chicago. He was then replaced by Joel Quenneville, who has had tenures in numerous NHL cities and has a decent resume, but is not my favorite coach to say the least. What baffles me is that the Blackhawks let Savard go so early, was it a choice by the management or was it that Savard just did not have the desire to coach? We have seen many instances of former players dabbling in coaching only to find that they do not have the desire, or the patience, to coach in the NHL. I personally hope that Savard finds a job on another NHL team this season.

The Phenomenon of European Voyages Ruining Seasons is Officially a Myth

Last year many hockey pundits blamed the European trip done by the Anaheim Ducks as the reason they did not repeat as Stanley Cup champions, blindly ignoring the fact that Chris Pronger, Scott Niedemyer, and Teemu Selanne both missed time during their campaign. Well many people believed this myth and now must feel like fools as the New York Rangers are lighting up the league and apparently are not missing the likes of Jagr, Sean Avery, and Brendan Shanahan at all. Meanwhile the Sens and Pens are doing just fine picking up where they left last season, so it looks like the Europe excuse is what it is, an excuse.

Fabian Brunnstrom Indeed has Lived up to the Hype

The Swede who signed with the Dallas Stars, did more than get his feet wet in the opening games of his NHL career he cannonballed of the highboard as he is on a tear scoring at will, including a hat trick as he proves to all the scouts who said he wasn't worth the hassle that he will be the next great Swedish NHL player.

This Week's Three Stars

1. Fabian Brunnstrom

2. Thomas Holmstrom

3. Martin Brodeur