Steelers Upend a Winless Bengals: So What?

Vincent DeFazioContributor IOctober 20, 2008

38-10 was the final score yesterday afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.  The Steelers racked up 375 yards  and allowed ten points along with 212 total offensive yards. 

The Steelers are currently 5-1, however they have a couple other AFC teams that seem to be right on top of them.  Tennessee looks impressive at 6-0 and is probably one of the most forgot about teams.  The Bills look to be holding steady at 5-1.  With the Patriots and Colts looking to hold steady at mediocre, these three powerhouses will power their way on.  But who will emerge victorious come playoff time? 

While the Steelers seemed to be playing great football yesterday, is it truly surprising?  Come on, the Bengals are now 0-7, of course the Black and Gold will handle them.  What truly worries fans, however, are two major problems.

Offensive line and defensive backs.

Ben Roethlisberger is probably (if not the best) the second or third best quarterback in the NFL, but he's not being allowed to demonstrate these talents when he has only minimal time after the snap to get the ball off. 

Our O-Line actually didn't disappoint yesterday, but it also looked like the Bengals D-Line was made up of college seniors.  IN order to be a serious Super Bowl contender, our line best get better or else we'll have an upsetting loss come January.

D-Back struggles have plagued the Steelers for years now.  But yesterday, these guys really did not look too bad whatsoever. 

OK, I can admit that Ryan Fitzpatrick is no Carson Palmer, but he did air the ball out a couple of times yesterday resulting (for the most part) in a broken up play.  The only drive that wasn't any good for our defense was their 92-yard monstrosity, but it's almost certain that this was because the defensive didn't take the offense too seriously during this series of plays. 

So, to be honest, it wasn't a bad game for us yesterday.  Yes, it would have been better if we would have beaten a better AFC team like this, but it wasn't bad to beat a division rival like so.  The Steelers are 4-0 against AFC teams which will really help come playoff time.  Until next week, let's see some improvement on the O-line and D-backs if we wish to see ourselves playing February 1st.  Beat 'dem G-men, adios!