Rays-Phillies: A World Series Preview

Thomas H.Correspondent IOctober 20, 2008

The smell of October is crisp in the air. You know what that means? The World Series is beginning. This one is unusual, the Rays going from worst to first has been a cover story. The Phillies barely out edged the Mets, let alone the whole National League.

Home Field Advantage

The Phillies have great fans, waving around in Citizens Bank Park the vibrant white towels. Don't get me wrong, the Phillies fans want the championship really bad, but have you seen Tropicana? I think it has some voodoo because whatever they do there clearly doesn't have the Devil in them. Those fans go nuts, and with Dick Vitale they will win.

1. Tampa Bay Rays

2. Philadelphia Phillies


Shane Victorino has found his game for the Phillies. In Game Two, he single handedly won the game with his four RBI's. Meanwhile, doubting a team with a MVP Rollins, a MVP Howard and an incredible play in Chase Utley is just ignorant. To me, Pat Burrell is they most underrated player in baseball. He is a 30 home run kind of guy who has power most people overlook.

Want to talk about power? Upton and Longoria have been showing a lot of that. It seemed they both hit a home run every game. Willy Ayber heated up in Game Seven and might affect the series. Oh, by the way, Carlos Pena had another 30 home run year. Don't be shocked if he plays a major role. When Joe Maddon put Rocco Baldelli to replace Gabe Gross, who was struggling in the series, Rocco ended up with a home run and a RBI in Game Seven.


 1. Tampa Bay Rays

2. Philadelphia Phillies


Cole Hamels is one of those young rising pitchers in this game. He is one of those dominant pitchers who will make the wins seen. Meanwhile, Moyer is always shaky and only gave 1.1 innings in Game Three. Myers might have got a win in Game Three even though he gave up five earned runs. But don't forget he also got multiple hits.

Still, Blanton finished the regular season very strongly. I might give this pitching squad a hard time, but you have to remember who has the better bullpen. With Lidge finishing and a strong middle pitching they take a game from the starter and give Charlie Manuel a smile.

Whoa, Garza knew what to do in the ALCS. He won both his games with only two runs in 13 innings. After struggling earlier in the season, he lit up. He will probably pitch game three AT Philadelphia, and I still like his chances. Shields only gave five runs in his two games, but both games he lost. Kazmir had a bad first game, but his second game had him give no runs. Still, this team doesn't have the same bullpen.


1. Philadelphia Phillies

2. Tampa Bay Rays

Who's hotter?

Oh, come on! I realize the Phillies have only lost two games in two series, but Longoria and Upton are on fire! The Rays beat a team facing an embarrassing turn around. You think most teams can do that? The '04 Yankees and '07 Indians couldn't, and that is what made the difference.


1. Tampa Bay Rays

2. Philadelphia Phillies

So, who is going to win?

Lets see how I score this. Every one or two you get in Advantage is worth a point. The team with the less points win.

The winner....

1. Tampa Bay Rays: 5 points

2. Philadelphia Phillies: 7 points

I see Rays winning in 6, 4-2.