Kawika Mitchell: A Giant Help in Buffalo

Nicholas SpoljaricContributor IOctober 20, 2008

In an NFL that offers parody week in an week out, it was to no avail that the Buffalo Bills defense was just as lights out as their stadium against the potent San Diego Chargers. Most of that success that the Bills were able to generate came from new free agent addition Kawaki Mitchell.

The six year veteran from South Florida paid his dues with stops with the Kansas City Chiefs, who made Mitchell the 47th overall pick in the 2003 NFL draft and with the New York Giants who made him a Super Bowl champion.

Many Bills fan will remember Mitchell as the guy who jumped a route against the Bills in the last game of the 2007-2008 season to propel the Giants into the post season. And although Mitchell was never known to be a Brian Urlacher type of player, throughout his career, especially with the Giants, Mitchell established himself as a high character leader who made crucial plays at crucial points in a game.

Mitchell eventually developed into a playmaker that Bills fan are starting to love along side second year player Paul Posluszny.

It started from the sack he put on Matt Hasselback during the season opener against the Seattle Seahawks, to being one of the most dominate forces yesterday against what some considered the most explosive offense in all of football in the Chargers.

Mitchell might not have popped out at you with huge numerical stats, in six games, Mitchell has accumulated 27 tackles (21 solo), two sacks, two passes defended, and one interception.

However, the stats that count the most on defense [turnovers] is where fans will see Mitchell making his mark in Buffalo—two. And they were at the most crucial parts of the game, the first coming in the red zone when Kawika read gunslinger QB Phillip Rivers's eyes and made a points-stealing INT.

The second coming when Rivers was looking to march his Chargers down the field and Mitchell blew up the middle of the line and hit Rivers's elbow, forcing the game sealing fumble.

Many fans had cause for concern after being carved up by the Arizona Cardinals. Yet, if the Bills continue to get contributions from the likes of Kawika Mitchell, all Bills fans should get a Giant card, sign it thanking the Giants for letting Mitchell hit the free agent market, and send it the day the Bills make the playoffs.

I would also like to take the time to thank a new contributor to the Bills family. She might not suit up on Sundays in pads, but since she started sporting a beautiful Bills sweatshirt and cheering them on, we're 5-1. She is an amazing new Bills fan and a very important person in my life...Thank you Lauren!