Uninspired Defense Contributes to Latest Chargers Loss

Brian SmithCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

The Chargers, due to their loss to the Bills on Sunday, have managed to pretty much need to win every single game left on their schedule if they hope to have a first round bye in the playoffs.

All jokes aside, the Chargers lack any power they may have thought they possessed on defense. Something is wrong with the Chargers' defense, and it isn't because Merriman isn't there.

This squarely falls on the shoulders of Defensive Coordinator, Ted Cottrell.

I fail to believe that with the talent that is on the defense that Ted has done everything he can to prepare them for any given Sunday, unless it's the Raiders or the Patriots they are playing.

Tepid, at best, is what I would call the defense's performance against the Bills—a pass rush as cold and lifeless as a body on a CSI episode. Hey there's an idea, maybe the entire Chargers defense could be murder victims on an episode of CSI where the top suspect is a guy who stands on the sidelines of football games with a hat and a headset.

It's pretty much the same defense that Wade Philips had, so, I'm not sure what the problem is.

Do you not believe in the blitz? Were you beaten up as a kid by another kid whose nickname was The Blitz?

In football, words like, kill, attack, blitz, and rush are words to be repeated and sunk into the heads of everyone wearing helmets and shoulder pads. Something tells me, that is not happening in Chargers land.

Ted, you have some serious talent on the Chargers Defense, use it. Don't use the loss of Merriman as an excuse for the under performance by the players. It is your job to prepare them and the way they have played has shown that you are not doing that.

There's a reason a team like the Patriots have won three Super Bowls. Preparation and not nailing it in on an opponent they think they should easily beat. You play with the same intensity as you do when you play your archrival, every game, not just some of the games.

You've been given the keys to drive the Ferrari; quit driving it like a 90-year old in a Pinto.