WWE Raw: Kharma's Breakdown—the Destruction of the Divas' Last Hope

tiffanie jonesContributor IIIMay 24, 2011

They just couldn’t wait to screw things up!  Why is it that some people have a knack for ruining a good thing? 

For weeks and weeks we’ve witnessed the near destruction of the Divas Division. 

Kharma, formerly called Awesome Kong  in TNA, posed as a striking contradiction to everything  the Divas stand for in WWE.  Kharma is powerful, intense, and feared.  It is these very traits that helped her—in her epic battles with Gail Kim—make TNA’s Knockout’s Division must-see television for both males and females. 

Women’s wrestling in TNA was not perceived as a bathroom break, but more so a showcase of skill and talent.  The women were viewed as athletes, not just models.  Her debut in WWE was expected to mimic her persona as a woman-beast.  Thus far, she has decimated almost everyone in her path. 

But, they had to screw things up!  Or so it looks. 

On tonight’s episode of Raw, Kharma interrupted an eight-woman Divas match.  It appeared as though the mammoth of a woman was going to destroy what was left of the Divas Division.  Two great purposes would have been served if she had. 

First, the decimation of the Divas Division, which itself is a farce and a complete mockery of women’s wrestling, could have symbolized the reformation of a newer, more serious division—a division that exhibits women’s athletic skill and talent at its best, over eye-candy for males. 

Second, destroying the entire division would have further positioned Kharma as a true threat to the division; once the new division was created, she would be its leader and take it to newer heights.  What took place was utterly confusing to say the least and a complete travesty to the say the most.

After entering the ring and being surrounded by the eight Barbie dolls, the woman-beast dropped to her knees.  She then began to quiver and looked like a wounded animal.  The question is…why? 

I’m actually afraid to ask. 

Why would WWE management have Kharma, still fresh into the WWE, succumb as a wounded animal before the entire division—and all those watching?  This would certainly not be the first time that WWE management have obliterated what was potentially a great storyline and an ENTIRE division. 

Bringing Kharma to the level of the Barbies totally invalidates the Divas Division.  She was the strongest link in the division, and today, for no apparent reason, that link was brought to her knees.  The idea to throw fans into perplexity does not always pay off. 

I am tired of constant confusion regarding women’s wrestling in WWE.  It looks like my feelings of perplexity and disappointment were resonated by the crowd’s rancid boos of Kharma’s breakdown.  What appeared to be the last hope for taking the Divas Division seriously has been shattered. 

I have been a fan of Kharma since her days in TNA as Awesome Kong.  Yet, when she came to the WWE, my excitement was placed on hold.  I don’t know what I was waiting for or expecting; maybe I was afraid that WWE would ruin her character the way they destroyed Gail Kim’s. 

Maybe I was waiting for time to tell what direction they would take Kharma’s character. 

And tonight, it looks like time told.  Her character as a force to be reckoned with, as a dominating woman-beast has been annihilated. 

Should I wait to see if or how the WWE management will redeem themselves with this storyline, or is the writing already on the wall?  I don’t have the answer, but my original gut feeling appears to have been validated.  They just couldn’t wait to screw it up!