Lance Armstrong's Old Teammates Throws Him Under the Bus

Troy SparksColumnistMay 24, 2011

Tyler Hamilton is coming forth with the allegations. 

I think Floyd Landis is talking, especially after he tested positive for using drugs, which stripped him of his Tour de France win. 

And then there's George Hincappie. He was one of the most respectable cyclists on the U.S. Post Office team. 

Who are these former teammates throwing under the bus?

Don't forget about former Tour winner Greg LeMond. He has long accused the same guy of cheating.

The target of drug doping allegations is seven-time Tour champion Lance Armstrong. Is it fair to say that he took drugs and blood thinners during the years he won seven straight Tour titles?

Remember, these are the guys who basked in the glory for those seven years. They were happy to be the support riders for their team leader. They shared the spoils and benefitted from the spotlight they received for being on Armstrong's team.

Why are they throwing Armstrong under the bus? 

Maybe they're jealous of his popularity from the Tour wins. These clowns couldn't strike out on their own. Hamilton bombed out after his troubles got him kicked off Team Phonak along with Landis.

There is no evidence that Lance took illegal drugs. He passed every test known to man, so why are they tripping? French officials want to nail Armstrong.

Some insiders will talk at the drop of a hat to bring Armstrong down.

I say that Armstrong is innocent until proven guilty. Love him or hate him, he did it fair and square.