Manny Pacquiao: Should He Wait for Floyd Mayweather?

Troy SparksColumnistMay 24, 2011

They set up some quality opponents for Manny Pacquiao and he knocked them down.

He could never run out of challengers who want a piece of him.

Pacquiao is taking a much-needed break right now. He's trying to do his good deeds as a politician, while Top Rank tries to line up the next guy to take a crack at him.

There's a lot of discussion of a Pacquiao-Marquez trilogy. Marquez is hungry and can't wait to throw down with the pound-for-pound king. Pacquiao can take his time by taking a year off and come back refreshed. 

Isn't that what is Floyd Mayweather doing?

How about this: Floyd and Manny can lay low until next May and not fight anybody in between that time. The anxiety will guarantee that both fighters will come out swinging.

Marquez had another chance to fix his problem from his first fight with Pacquiao. He still probably believe that he won the first fight and the second. 

It depended on who judged the fights.

I think Pacquiao should wait on Mayweather. If the public put enough pressure on Mayweather to fight, he will. 

After a while, a coward will get tired of running. Mayweather can run, but he can't hide.

My opinion is that Pacquiao will get less money fighting Marquez than fighting Mayweather. There is still some hope that the top two pound-for-pound fighters will spark some fireworks in 2012. 

Forget about the drug testing demands and the other bull. Lace up the gloves and let's see who the real champion is.