Top 5 Things Wrong With the BCS Rankings

Michael InglisAnalyst IOctober 20, 2008

1. Why is USC ranked fifth and Florida 10th?

USC lost to an unranked Oregon State team and was down 21-0 at the half. The final score was 27-21. The University of Florida lost to Ole Miss, also unranked, 31-30.

Looking at that, one would think things are pretty even, with neither team having much of an advantage.

However, let's look at their schedules. USC only has one ranked team on their schedule, which was Ohio State whom they blew out.

Florida blew out LSU and still has to play @ Georgia, @ Vanderbilt, and @ FSU.

Why does USC's weak schedule not seem to bother any of the "experts?" Notre Dame was 4-1 and for the first time ever wasn't ranked with that kind of record.

Why? Because everyone recognized their weak schedule. Why does USC get special treatment?

If both teams win out, USC shouldn't be ranked ahead of Florida, but I'd be willing to bet they will be.


2. Why is Oklahoma ranked fourth?

Anyone know what place Oklahoma is in the Big 12 South standings? The answer is fourth!

How can a team be ranked fourth in its own division but somehow be ranked ahead of all of those teams except one in the BCS Rankings?

OU has one loss, while Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech are undefeated.


3. Why is Missouri ranked at all?

Quick, name a quality team Missouri has beaten this year. Can't think of one? That's because the Tigers haven't beaten a quality team.

The best team they have played is Illinois, which is unraked and already has two Big 10 losses.

Nebraska is in the same boat. They've played two good teams (Texas Tech, Oklahoma State) and lost to them both.

The only thing keeping Missouri in the top 25 is the preseason expectations.


4. Why is Florida ranked behind Ohio State?

As I said earlier, Florida lost to Ole Miss, but that was more due to Florida beating themselves. They fumbled several times, leading to Mississippi scores and had a PAT blocked.

Ohio State, on the other hand, was smacked around pretty good (again) by USC and looked lost in every aspect of the game.

In Florida's five victories, they are winning by an average of just under 31 points. That includes an impressive 51-21 victory over then fourth-ranked LSU.

In OSU's seven victories, they are winning by an average of 20 points. Against Purdue they won by 13 but couldn't even produce an offensive touchdown. They also played a close game against 2-5 Ohio.

Did you know Florida is one of only four teams to beat a top 10 oppenent this year?


5. Why is South Florida ranked ahead of Pitt?

These are both one-loss teams and in case you don't know, Pitt beat South Florida on their home field on national television.

Doesn't make sense, because we already know who the better team is.