Why America Should Say A Collective Thank You To The Rays And Giants

Brian BrennanContributor IOctober 20, 2008

Remember this time in 2007? The Red Sox were rolling to the World Series, the Patriots were on an undefeated run, and the Celtics had the best threesome in the NBA with an incredible bench. Nothing was stopping Boston sports. Even the BC Eagles were ranked #2 in the College Football polls.

However, one year later, the order has been restored thanks to the Rays and Giants (sorry, the Celtics still dominate the league...until of course the Knicks knock them off as an 8 seed this year). America owes the Rays and Giants a collective Thank You. We all know one of them. One guy who liked your local baseball team until about this time last year and your local football team until about this time last year. Then of course, he saw the success of the Boston teams and the "coolness" of liking a team that wins and became a Sox/Pats fan. Putting on one of those wicked retahded fake accents, which were so comical you had to cover your mouth to keep your sides from splitting. "Tom Brady and Wes Welker ah wicked retahded. Jacoby Ellsbury is the best gahd dahmn playah in the world." This year, that phony Bostonian is talking with the Midwest twang he had for the first 25-30 years of his life (sometimes even more) and rooting for now (with something thats a cross between a New York and Southern accent) The Rays and Giants. 

Occasionally you get that transplant. The big fat guy who is a born and raised Bostonian with a legitimate accent who has moved to a BETTER city like Los Angeles or Chicago (or even New York! Go to The Riviera in the Village and you'll know what I'm talking about!) This guy is an even bigger douche. The only phrase this guy could say even with the success of his team is "YANKEES SUCK!" For Example: "Why is the gahd dahmn weather so wicked bad? YANKEES SUCK!", "Why is the gahd dahmn ecahnamy so wicked bad? YANKEES SUCK!", "Why ah my spoahts teams so dominahnt? YANKEES SUCK!" Yep, that guy will have a very nice, cold, offseason.

So, America, with your loyalty in check, thank the Rays and my Giants for
shutting up Boston for a good year. What a nice offseason this one will be for once. Thank You Rays. Lets Go Giants.