Updates On Floyd Mayweather, Jack Loew, and Shane Mosley

ChristianCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

News notes and quotes from the weekend

WOW! Hello boxing fans, I have come back to give you an exclusive report that you won’t find on ESPN or Maxboxing.com.

I have direct quotes from the stalwarts of boxing regarding the future and the past.

I started doing this because I love writing about boxing and the people involved in it, however, after covering the fight and speaking to some of the biggest people in the sport, I know that I now have a need to report what I heard and saw during the best boxing weekend in years.


The Fight

I picked Bernard Hopkins to win this fight by decision about two months ago, and to be in attendance for one of the most transcendent performances in boxing history, is truly a gift from above.

I sat there with my friends and took in the breath-taking display that Hopkins put on. He came out in that dope mask and my friend looked at me and said, “This is not going to be an easy fight for Kelly." He was right— Bernard stole the drama and the crowd in the very first round. I had him winning every single round and the throng of Pavlik supporters in attendance were quiet and in shock. It was like being at a wake.

In round 11 a lot of Kelly’s fans LEFT the arena.  Boxing royalty was all over the place at this fight. Roy Jones Jr. was walking around with a cane and top hat. Football players, actors, singers, mayors, producers, and socialites from all four corners. When the fight was over, Bernard stared at the press row and took in the watershed moment of a great career. I knew at that moment I was watching REAL history. The stuff of legend.

I knew at that moment, I wanted to see more history. This fight was what boxing was all about.


Jack Loew

As seen on my blog, I had an interview with Jack Loew. It can be seen on Youtube. During this interview, several things came to light, One Bob Arum knows and understands that Jack Loew is on his way to training established champs. They are set to meet early next month to discuss what plans Bob Arum has for him as Top Rank moves forward.

I would assume that this means Bob wants to give Jack a nice offer that would give him an expanded chance to train other fighters and become a top-tier  trainer for years to come.

The interview with Jack also featured more little tid-bits that I will not write. Watch the interview instead...great stuff.


More Mayweather?

I spoke to a big time promoter close to "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather and I got some amazing news about Floyd’s future.

According to my source, Floyd wants to fight three more times! In Money Where Art Thou, I speculated on who Floyd should fight. When presenting these names to this man, he told me that yes “Floyd will fight Ricky Hatton, Oscar (De La Hoya), and Manny Pacquaio. He will fight three more times.”

Many fans will say these claims I am making are unfounded, but stay tuned to bleacher report because this is a video interview. I will release it in the next couple of days. The man on tap is definitely a widely respected and well known man in the game.


More helpings of “Sugar”

If you have not seen my interview with “Sugar” Shane Mosley, check it out because he gives us some insight into his plans and who he wants to fight in the welterweight division.

During the interview, he told said “I want to fight Andre Berto or (Antonio) Margarito.” This was shocking to me because I didn’t think he wanted to fight Berto—not because he was scared, but because it’s not really a big money fight.

Nevertheless, that is what he wants—check out the interview.

I spoke to Al Bernstein on Sat. night and I shared this with him and he told me “the fight makes sense,” Al Bernstein is a deity when it comes to these things so if he buys it, so do I.


I have much more from the weekend in terms of footage and inside information and as we move forward, I will be sharing it. I want to thank all of those that tuned in to my blog and I want to give all the respect in the world to Bernard Hopkins. I have been hard on him and right in front of my face he put my former opinion to rest.

Take care boxing fans.

P.S. Kelly Pavlik's fans are a lot of fun to share a weekend with. They had a passion and an energy that was on par with the Ricky Hatton fans...great stuff. I also got the chance to interview Bob arum, Naseem Richardson,Dana Bolish from NBC Youngstown and the funniest interview by far was the Richard Schaffer(CEO Golden Boy Promotions)interview,If you go to youtube and search CJ Vick you can see these interviews...stay tuned for the exclusive video  interview concerning Floyd Mayweather's future