Trent Edwards Has "It"

Garrett HirschmanContributor IOctober 20, 2008

It looks like the Buffalo Bills have found their quarterback. Trent Edwards was masterful Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, completing 83 percent of his passes—a new single-game franchise record.  

He showed no residual effects whatsoever from the concussion he sustained two weeks ago against Arizona. In fact, Edwards may have played his best game yet. He stood tall in the pocket and delivered the ball with poise and accuracy.

The Bills as a whole played their best and most complete game of the season.

The defense showed up and rattled the Chargers all day long. LaDainian Tomlinson was held to just 41 yards on 14 carries. Philip Rivers was not the quarterback his league-high passer rating would suggest. In fact, the whole San Diego team was just a step off all day long.

Sunday's game has already been labeled a statement game. While I think that has some merit, I am not sure who it makes a bigger statement about—San Diego or Buffalo.

Yes, Buffalo played great, and I don't want to take anything away from them. However, San Diego came in as a mystery team. They have not consistently been the Super Bowl contender everyone thought they would be. The Chargers just are not up to the task this year, and Sunday showed that.

Buffalo displayed their consistency Sunday with a game that was not flashy, but was effective. Trent Edwards had a touchdown, Marshawn Lynch had a touchdown, and Rian Lindell tacked on a few field goals.  We have seen this game all season long with some important differences.

Aside from the Seattle game, the story with the Bills' first four wins this year was playing well in the fourth quarter after struggling early on. Against the Chargers, this was not the case. Buffalo played their game from start to finish. What impressed me more than anything Sunday was how the team responded to San Diego's touchdown drives.

After the Chargers scored early and the Bills' offense was unable to respond on the next drive, it was the defense that came up with a turnover. Granted, it was a fluke play by Rivers, but the defense still recovered the ball.

Later in the second half after the Bills' defense gave up a go-ahead score, the offense came out on the next possession and drove down the field for a touchdown.

It showed that the mental toughness of this team is not to be underestimated. Last year really tested this young team and now they are reaping the benefits of facing that adversity.

Edwards displayed his toughness when he came back from a scary injury. This team is starting to become molded in his image.

He is calm, the Bills are calm. He is humble, the Bills are humble. He is consistent, the Bills are consistent.  Edwards is where it all starts on the field for the Bills, and the team knows it. They have tremendous confidence in his abilities and they want him as their leader.

Donte Whitner said after the game that it is time to put Trent Edwards up there with the Mannings and Bradys.

I am not sure about that, but I will take him on my team any day.