Batting 1.000: 2011 Fantasy Baseball Weekly Wheelhouse Rankings, (2B)

Maxwell SalvatiContributor IIMay 23, 2011

Running AND hitting his way back to No. 2?
Running AND hitting his way back to No. 2?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Hitters are ranked for their expected performance from this point forward in standard 5x5 redraft leagues, not for statistics that have already been accrued. These rankings can also be used as a barometer to determine trade value.

Top 35 Second Basemen

1 (1). Robinson Cano, NYY

2 (4). Dustin Pedroia, BOS

  • Heating up with the summer...and the rest of that dirty Boston lineup.

3 (2). Ian Kinsler, TEX

  • Way to make me look bad, big guy. I go out on a limb and put you above Pedroia, Weeks, Phillips and Prado, and you go 2-for-26 (.076) for the week, with one run, two RBI and two stolen bases. Remind me to be weary next time I give you a vote of confidence. Still sporting a .230 BABIP to drag his average down to .224 (career .280). A regression to the mean should help him across the board. Trending Downward. 

4 (5). Rickie Weeks, MIL

  • He's an elite source of runs, running more and good for 20-plus home runs. A 20/20 season is well within reach. Hart's return doesn't hurt either. Trending Upward.

5 (3). Ben Zobrist, TB

  • He went 2-for-26 (.076) in the last week as well, though with no runs, no home runs, stolen bases and one RBI. Trending Downward.

6 (6). Brandon Phillips, CIN

  • Still wins the award of strangest cleanup hitter. Mostly hitting singles and doubles, though. Whatever works, I suppose.

7 (10). Howard Kendrick, ANA

  • Looking more and more like a .300 15/15 threat every week. Trending Upward.

8 (9). Martin Prado, ATL

  • Still doesn't run enough, but he's an elite pure hitter. 

9. (7). Michael Young, TEX

  • Slow and steady. Not flashy by any means but will hit .300 with nice counting stats.

10 (8). Dan Uggla, ATL

  • Approximately zero home runs in the last week. Still will probably hit 30, but could be accompanied with a .220 batting average.

10.5. This is still where I would put Dustin Ackley, SEA if he was up right now.

11 (11). Kelly Johnson, ARI

  • See Kinsler above, but with less talent, a weaker lineup around him and a more unforgiving park. Starting to tally some counting stats though. Trending Upward.

12 (12). Mike Aviles, KC

  • He's for real—.293 career hitter. Expect his average to soar when he stops getting so unlucky. For a more in-depth look at why it's a good time to buy Avila click here

13 (16). Chase Utley, PHI

  • I'm taking the conservative approach more or less because we have no idea what we're getting with him this year. Is he still capable of 15-20 stolen bases over the course of a full season? Too many questions to warrant a higher ranking this week. Trending Upward.

14 (13). Neil Walker, PIT

15 (19). This is where I put Dustin Ackley, SEA for the rest of the season.

  • He's not raking at Triple-A this season, but that's partially because they've asked him to work on his power stroke. On top of the fact that the job is his from the day he gets promoted, he's got great plate discipline, an amazing batting eye, solid power and solid speed. Whether it's fair or not, he's being heralded as the next Chase Utley. I think he's got a legitimate shot to be a perennial .300-plus, 18-25 HR, 18-25 SB threat, but what worries me are those pesky counting stats. Does Seattle have enough talent to manufacture enough runs for Ackley. Only time will tell. But right now, over a full season, I think Ackley has the potential to go .290/80/18/70/20, which gives him immediate top-10 2B fantasy appeal. He should be up within a few weeks at the most. 

16 (21). Jed Lowrie, BOS

  • Officially the everyday starter! Yaaayyy. Cue dull applause. Trending Upward.

17 (15). Aaron Hill, TOR

  • Where or where has your power stroke gone? Where or where can it be!?! Trending Downward.

  • Dustin Ackley

  • Chase Utley


18 (18). Danny Espinosa, WAS

  • Two home runs in the last week. His AVG will kill you, but he's a legit 20/20 threat. Trending Upward.

19 (17). Michael Cuddyer, MIN

20 (14). Brian Roberts, BAL

  • Hey, remember when I said last week that his AVG will return, but not to expect 35-plus stolen bases? You do, great. Because I still think that. Except now he's on the DL again so think more along the lines of 20 stolen bases for the season if he returns to form from the concussion.

21 (22). Ryan Theriot, STL

  • Won't hurt you, but wont really help you either. He needs to run a little bit more to beef up his value. 

22 (25). Gordon Beckham, CWS

23 (20). Ryan Raburn, DET

  • Last week I said barring playing time, but with Magglio out he should see more at-bats. Yeah, that didn't happen. Trending Downward.

24 (26). Tsuyoshi Nishioka, MIN

  • Should be back from injury soon.

25 (33). Darwin Barney, CHC

  • You strong-arming sonofabitch! Trending Upward.

26 (27). Maicer Izturis, ANA

27 (23). Orlando Cabrera, CLE

  • Last week I said that he's due for a considerable regression, but will remain rosterable. That being said, there are two things you should probably know. One, I'm a psychic. And two, that statement still remains true. Trending Downward.

28 (24). Chone Figgins, SEA

  • "The end is extremely effing nigh." 28 Days Later reference: check. Trending Downward.

29 (28). Orlando Hudson, SD

  • Almost ready to put him above Chone. Chone being pronounced Sean. Like I said...almost.

30 (30). Omar Infante, FLA 

  • Hit his first home run this season over the weekend. Yaaayyy. Now he's on pace for three!

31 (31). Jamey Carrol, LAD

32 (32). Freddy Sanchez, SF

33 (34). Jonathan Herrera, COL

  • I believe he loses playing time to Wiggington, Stewart, EY2, someone else down on the farm or simply even a player yet to be acquired via trade. So yeah, not a believer.

34 (29). Scott Sizemore, DET

  • To put it plainly: Trending Downward.

35 (35). Juan Uribe, LAD

  • Headed to the DL. Fun.


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