Are Liverpool Suffering More Than They Should?

sam naikContributor IOctober 20, 2008

Liverpool's midfield maestro Xabi Alonso has spoken out on Liverpool's latest comeback. He said that he is thrilled at seeing Liverpool joint top of the Premier League table—but insisted there is work to do if they are to remain among the title chasers.

I for one as a Liverpool supporter totally agree with Alonso. This season has been amazing for the Reds, with the best start they have had for 15 years. 

Liverpool are still unbeaten in eight games, with six wins and two draws; this run has seen them to second place-joint leaders with Chelsea on 20 points. However with the quality that Liverpool possess, they should not be coming back almost every game to steal three points.

As a die-hard football supporter I have to say that the way Wigan played they deserved a point from the game. However we have shown tremendous character towards the end of some games this season, which—to be honest—is not a bad thing.

It is amazing to know your team can nick it right at the end no matter what, and after-all, three points are still three points, right? But I have to agree with Xabi that Liverpool need drastic improvement; they should be able to win games comfortably without conceding, as well as scoring loads. 

Every Man United supporter I speak to is convinced that Liverpool are not a threat at all to the title race. They believe the only threat to their Premier League crown this season will be from Chelsea.  

A positive that I have noticed however is that we are able to score without Fernando Torres; which did not happen alot last season, so I hope this season the goal scoring is going to be more spread out across the team.

That being said I look forward to this weekend's clash against Chelsea...


I believe that if we are to challenge for the 2008/09 Premiership; Liverpool will need to win games much more comfortably.

What do you guys think?