WWE: Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase Jr., Who Will Have the Better Career?

Jon SainzAnalyst IIMay 31, 2011

Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase. These two wrestlers have had similar careers and have many of things in common, but who will have a better career in the WWE?

Here's an overview of the two wrestlers and their respective careers, followed by my opinion regarding the matter at hand.



Both are second generation wrestlers, as they are sons of WWE Hall of Famers. Cody's father is "the American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, and Ted's father is "the Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase.

They also have brothers in the business. Goldust is Rhodes' half brother and Brett DiBiase is Ted's little brother. He's currently in FCW, WWE's developmental territory. 

Brett's older brother Mike is also a professional wrestler.


Early Career

Cody was an amateur wrestler in High School and became the Georgia champion in the 189-pound category both as a junior in 2003 and as a senior in 2004.

He then joined the WWE in it's developmental territory, OVW, before joining the main roster of the company.

On the other hand, Ted DiBiase began in minor promotions before joining the WWE. He signed a developmental contract and started in FCW.


The Legacy

Cody Rhodes debuted before Ted. He formed a Tag Team with Hardcore Holly and won the Championships.

Nearly a year after Rhodes' debut, Ted made his own, starting a feud with Rhodes and Holly.

At the Night of Champions 2008, Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly were scheduled for a match against Ted DiBiase and a surprise partner, who turned out to be Rhodes. The match turned into a 2 on 1 handicap for Holly, who lost, thus making Rhodes and DiBiase the new Tag Team Champions.

They then joined with Randy Orton to form a stable known as "The Legacy." This lasted a couple of years, ending in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 26, in which Orton defeated both Rhodes and DiBiase.


After The Legacy

After WrestleMania 26, both wrestlers were given new gimmicks. Ted was a copy of his father, while Cody received his "Dashing" gimmick.

Ted Dibiase revived the "Million Dollar Championship" and had a feud with Goldust over it. He then feuded with Daniel Bryan over the U.S. title, but was unable to defeat the champion.

During this gimmick he was also given Maryse as a valet. She got all the attention and this gimmick failed miserably.

"Dashing" Cody Rhodes was drafted to SmackDown. He started giving "grooming tips" and formed a Tag Team with Drew McIntyre, with whom he would once again win the Tag Team Championships. They then lost the titles to the Nexus and dissolved their partnership.

After his nose was broken in a match with Rey Mysterio, he changed his gimmick to that of a disfigured monster who dislikes everything, including himself.

This gimmick is fresh and Rhodes is enjoying success due to it.



In this year's draft, DiBiase was sent to SmackDown and the duo has seemingly reunited, probably in attempt to return Ted once again to some kind of relevance.



Rhodes has already won four Tag Team Championships, including once with Hardcore Holly & Drew McIntyre and twice with Ted Dibiase.

DiBiase has only the two Tag Team Championships he's won with Rhodes and, if it counts, he's a one time "Million Dollar" Champion—which isn't noteworthy on it's own, since his father basically gave it to him—but all but one wrestler who have won this championship went on to be World Champions.



Cody Rhodes currently has the upper hand and will continue as such until his gimmick grows stale. DiBiase should use Rhodes' success until he finds a gimmick that fits him and is able to fly solo.



At first, everybody thought that DiBiase was going to have more success after The Legacy ended, but Rhodes proved everybody wrong. This may be due to his gimmick, or perhaps he's just better than everybody gave him credit for.

In my opinion, this trend will continue as such. Both wrestlers are skilled in the ring and have decent mic skills, but there are a couple of differences between them that lead me to think Rhodes has the upper hand.

DiBiase was given a bad gimmick, true, but the one Rhodes was given wasn't much better. Even so, Ted grew stale while Cody took advantage of every single opportunity he had.

Rhodes is also younger than DiBiase. Even so, he debuted a year prior, and so he'll also have the advantage of a longer career. 

If Rhodes continues to perform as he has up to this point, he will be a World Champion in the not-so-distant future, while DiBiase may get stuck in the mid card.