Top Five Players For Manchester United

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IOctober 20, 2008

You may or may not know that I'm creating a favorite player competition.

The competition works like this: the players will be of my decision, but any players that could be added can be sent by comments from the viewers of the article.

I'll do a poll every issue to see who is the most popular player from each club, then at the end of the long article series, I will put all the top names into one big league article.

After I've gathered the favorite players from each league, I will put them into the end article to find out who the most popular player is overall.

I will try not to just include Europe in the competition but also include some of the other major clubs from around the world as well.

The leagues I will look at will be the Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, LFP, MLS, Brazilian League, A-League, Portuguese League, and the Dutch League.

In our first issue we looked at Arsenal FC and it was a great success. The article got nearly 2000 views and 255 votes were cast. The first winner of the competition was Cesc Fabregas who gathered 69% of the Arsenal vote.

In this issue we look at Manchester United.

No player has been ranked and the list is not in any particular order.

Top Five


Name: Wayne Rooney

Position: Striker

Age: 22

Since Manchester United signed Rooney, he has been a deadly force amongst others in the attack of Manchester United. At the start of this current season he is looking great and after a disappointing season last time out, he is firing on all cylinders. One of England's and Manchester United's top prospects as he has still time to learn.



Name: Cristiano Ronaldo

Position: Winger

Age: 23

Last season Ronaldo was the face of Manchester United. He scored over 40 goals in all competitions and was simply the best player in the world at the time. After a summer of speculation Ronaldo decided to stay at Manchester United and even though he had a injury he has just made his return and is already on the score sheet.

If he will ever play with the same passion again is yet to be known but if he does then the world better watch out.


Name: Ryan Giggs

Position: Winger

Age: 34

Ryan Giggs has won everything with Manchester United and is amongst the crowds' all time favorite players. He is on the list because even at the age of 34 he is still a great player and still has the ability to supply a deadly cross or score a great goal.

He has shown great loyalty to Manchester United and has only ever played for them. If he can compete with the younger stars of this competition is yet to be seen but I want to give him a chance.


Name: Dimitar Berbatov

Position: Striker

Age: 27

Many Spurs fans will tell you they are happy to get rid of Mr. Berbatov due to his grumpy and selfish attitude but this season Manchester United signed the 27 year old Bulgarian due to his amazing skill that he showed at Spurs.

He is struggling to score for Manchester United so far but is a real goal scoring machine when he gets going and is one of the biggest predators in the Premier League.


Name: Rio Ferdinand

Position: Centre Back

Age: 29

Rio Ferdinand is one of the sternest and unbreakable defenders in the Premier League and is a fine England International. He is always at the heart of Manchester United's defence and for me is the future long term Captain of Manchester United. He is the bricks and wall of Manchester United's defence and is currently rescuing the side from great attacks.

Well, the Manchester United list is done, I'll be back with the next team in the series in a day or two.

If you have any suggestions for who you think should be in the top five, then please feel free to leave a comment, or if you just want to vote for one of the five, then please get voting.

As always, hope you enjoy the article.