WWE: John Cena Is Superman Without the Kryptonite

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMay 23, 2011

John Cena won his I Quit match against the Miz at Over the limit.

Let me see a raise of hands of who thought the Miz would win. Hmmm, no one?

Yeah, no one thought the Miz had a chance in hell to win; there was more of the chance of the world ending on May 21 than Cena uttering two words that are probably considered a sin for Cena to say.

The creative team and John Cena have created a character that has to win unless a very cleverish loophole is made to make it acceptable for Cena to lose.

They created a monster, a beast that makes the outcome of every match more predictable then the last.

John Cena is the Superman of the WWE Universe the only problem with that is he has no Kryptonite of any kind. There is no opponent in the WWE who is a formidable threat to Cena and no one to be his Lex Luthor either.

The closest threat John Cena always had was in the form of Edge—who, as we all know, had to retire, leaving Cena without his achilles heel.

Anytime the WWE builds up a wrestler as someone who has a decent chance of defeating Cena they would make them lose against Cena clean effectively neutralizing the said wrestler as a threat. The Miz is no where near being a threat to Cena and if you thought he was then you need to stop smoking whatever it is your smoking

Any match that Cena has lost was either was where his opponent was just lucky or his win was a fluke. Like when Sheamus won the WWE title because they made it look like Cena just fell through the table and not pushed on it by Sheamus.

Even when he does lose it, under situations where he went to hell and back beforehand in the previous match like Edge and Batista did after John Cena just won the Elimination Chamber match.

It's like he has to no sell moves all the time like when he stupidly no-sold the pipe hits on last week's Raw. He must always overcome the odds as the WWE are lacking balls of steel since they shiver in their boots at the thought of disappointing the women and children.

It's ridiculous how the WWE pander to the children and women, as they shell the most money out on Cena.

They say that the I Quit match is John Cena's match as he never lost an I quit match as his character never quits. I bet is we strapped onto a bed of nails then behead him he will still say in a calm voice, "No!" when asked if he wants to give up. HBK never won every Ladder Match, but that "his match."

Hell, The Undertaker never won all his buried alive and Hell in the Cell matches, even through that "his matches."

If HBK and Undertaker can lose matches that are up their ally, then why not John Cena as well.

You know Hulk Hogan the superman of the 80's, but he never had the issues that John Cena had. Every opponent that Hogan faced had realistic odds of winning and the WWE showcased that as they wanted to show Hogan could lose.

When Hogan won, it was never in the way of destroying his opponent image as an formidable opponent to Hogan. The reason being was that Hogan always won by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin, which meant that if things played out differently, the other guy could have won.

With John Cena, they always have to make come out on top and have his opponent be a total loser. When John Cena finished up his feud with Wade Barrett, Wade ending up being sent to the Mid-Cards where he was much needed in the Main Event. This Happened with Umaga, Batista, Chris Jericho and countless others.

John Cena could have still lost his I Quit match without compromising his character. Let's say instead of The Miz attempt to win the match by taking a age of of The Rock's playbook  he could have broke Cena mentally. He could have pulled a planted fan who was a child and tell Cena that he he does not quit then the child will be beaten.

Cena would say the dreaded two words while still keeping his character's integrity as he only quit to save his fan.

The Miz would have won thus roving John Cena could be beaten in an I Quit match. The aftermath would be Vince McMahon appearing on Raw announcing to the WWE Universe that Cena will get a rematch due to the unethical way the Miz won, thus creating a new policy of the wrestlers not using the fans to win matches.

Of course, with the PG rating, the creative team would have to grow a pair while gaining an IQ higher then a earthworm. Moving forward, the creative team has to make John Cena beatable in order for fans to care who wins and loses in his matches, as no open would buy a PPV since they already know who will win.

First thing they must do his highlight Cena's past injuries on his neck and shoulder, as that'll be prime spots to weaken him while also to apply submission moves. Also. they need to make sure that when Cena win they don't bury his opponents to where if they continue feuding people won't believe they'll have a chance in hell of winning.

This will take a while to make Cena beatable while still be retaining his superman traits such as Hogan had in the 80's.

If they do all this, then maybe Cena will have his Kryptonite and his matches unpredictable!