NBA Fantasy: Big Names To Avoid on Draft Day

Scott BarbineCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2008

Every year, there are a few big name players that don't produce on the level of fantasy brilliance that we have become used to seeing.  Whether it is due to aging, injury, or just poor play, we see it every year.

I'll give you a few names that I could see having a down year.

Steve Nash

I'm sure I'll be catching some flack for this one, but I could definitely see Nash producing less that what we are accustomed too.  The first reason is that he will be turning 35 years old during the season.  It's not easy to keep up his level of production at that age.

Another reason is Goran Dragic.  The 22-year-old was already told that he would be playing at least 20 minutes per game this season, which will ultimately cut into Nash's minutes.  Dragic plays better defense than Nash, and with D'Antoni gone, that is important.

I'm not saying Nash will be a complete bust, but I also don't believe that he will produce first round numbers again this year.

Jason Kidd

Another aging point guard, Kidd will be turning 36 years old this season.  Kidd missed 31 games last year, and I could see him missing more as aging basketball players become frailer.

Sure, he gives you a great assist number and great rebounding numbers for a point guard, but that is almost cancelled out because he shoots a career 40 percent from the field.  His scoring is also a lot lower than what you'd like out of a guy being drafted in his spot.

Ray Allen

Allen's scoring dropped off a complete nine points per game last year when he joined the Boston Celtics.  He will always be a great source for three pointers and field goal percentage, but will he be as energized now that he has his ring?

With Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce on the team, Allen is only the third scoring option on a defensive-minded team.  With the Celtics looking to get more out of Tony Allen and first-rounder J.R. Giddens, Allen may see a drop in playing time this year.

Yao Ming

This pick is based solely on Yao's inability to stay on the court.  He has missed at least 25 games the last three seasons. I'm not the kind of person who wants two-thirds of a season out of a high draft pick.  Yao's injuries have cost many people their chance at a fantasy title and I don't believe he's worth the risk.

You can wait couple rounds and scoop up an Andrew Bogut, Andris Biedrins, or Al Horford.