The Utter Lack Of Confidence In WWE's Future

christian orendorfContributor IOctober 20, 2008

Ok, as of late, I have noticed a change in the WWE brands that have left me shaken.  Since the draft that occured after Wrestlemania, yes the younger generation has been given a push.  Stars like CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, The Brian Kendrick (spanky lol), Ted Dibiase, Evan Bourne, and Kofi Kingston have recieved somewhat of a push to at least a midcard status.  CM Punk even went so far as to hold the World Heavyweight Championship, and I even got to shake his hand in Salisbury, MD after defeating Chris Jericho in a No DQ match back in August on that night on that untaped night.  However, i'm still shaken over the current affairs of WWE.

I'm looking at the current state of WWE in general now.  Raw has begun agressively pushing some of its younger talent.  ECW has been agressively pushing newer talent.  Smackdown, which used to be my favorite show because it did push the newer younger talent has suddenly become what seems to be the retirement home of the WWE.  With HHH holding the title and Smackdown refusing to push a decent fued, its left me lacking with the ability of even wanting to watch the show.  I'm almost begging to see a Jeff Hardy title run, but its doubtful at this point...we shall see that with the Russian version of the Juggernaut on the horizon.

But I am just failing to see confidence in WWE's future.  Yes, WWE has its mainstay characters.  HHH, Jericho, HBK, Big Show, Undertaker, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Batista, Cena.  But who do you truly see being main event stars, who do you see leading the future of WWE out of the current crop of young talent?  Two years ago, I would've said Kennedy, or MVP (ugh can't believe I just said that), or even Finlay (and even he's not a young guy).  But lately, none of them have done nothing more than be the mid card, stuck in craptacular matches that have left me wanting for a higher caliber star.

I want some stars looking to push the boundaries.  Stars that are willing to dominate, to push for epic storylines to both elevate their own careers as well as the company.  We all know the history on how Stone Cold, HHH, and The Rock pushed themselves and the company through the best 3 way possible scenarios.  We need a new generation willing to push the boundaries, to break through, to make this generation of wrestling to be even greater than what we see today.

I hear all the time the excuse of "I used to watch wrestling in the 90's because it was the thing to watch", and "The 90's is when wrestling was actually good."  WWE needs to give people a reason to watch, a storyline to be enthralled in, and to have characters the people actually care about.  And watching the same people main event over and over without giving a reason for people to care shall only decrease the value of the show.  All in all, I just see currently a lack of confidence in WWE's future at the present time.