WWE Over the Limit 2011: Rapid Reaction to Tonight's PPV

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMay 23, 2011

Many of us thought that Over the Limit had the potential to be one of the worst PPV's in recent memory, but that still didn't stop me from buying it (we'll see if it's the worst $50 I've ever spent).

These are my reactions and ratings for tonight's PPV as it went along.


R-Truth defeated Rey Mysterio

Solid match to start off the PPV. I'm not a huge fan of Truth not having any music, so I hope that changes.

There were a number of good spots, including using the ring apron for a low blow on Mysterio.

I have to admit, R-Truth is growing on me as a heel. He is getting good heat from the crowd.

I'd like to see him get a shot vs. John Cena over the summer until John Morrison gets back.

Match Rating: 7/10

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Wade Barrett by DQ

Mediocre match at best in my opinion. This had solid potential, but it was extremely slow.

Barrett has a great move set, but they continue to keep him in feuds that don't showcase it. Hopefully, this feud with Zeke continues for a while and helps to elevate both of them.

Barrett needs to get back in the Main Event picture soon though.

Match Rating: 4/10


Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero

Sin Cara is phenomenal in the ring, but his style leads to a number of botched moves.

There were several mishaps in this much, but nonetheless it was a good match.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Sin Cara works an extended program with someone that doesn't speak Spanish.

Quick side note: I hate that they dim the lights during Sin Cara's matches. It could be because they want to make it less noticeable when he screws up, but it is still annoying.

Match Rating: 7/10

Big Show and Kane defeated CM Punk and Mason Ryan

Decent match, but I don't see why you would have Big Show and Kane go over in this match. Mason Ryan is being built to be a major main event player, but was buried with the double chokeslam.

I hope that we get to the point where Ryan breaks away from Punk and they have a feud. I think it has the potential to be great once Ryan gets more in ring experience.

It will be interesting to see where they go with the tag team division after this feud because it doesn't seem that there are any teams out there that could beat Big Show and Kane aside from Nexus.

Maybe the Major Broskis will get a shot at the titles after their match on Superstars this week (wishful thinking WWWYKI).

Match Rating: 5/10

Brie Bella defeated Kelly Kelly

Extremely surprising not to see Kharma involved in this match.

With that being said, the Kelly Kelly stink face was probably the greatest moment in WWE in the past five years.

Aside from that, this match was passable.

Match Rating: 4/10

Randy Orton defeated Christian

This was one of the best non-WrestleMania matches I can remember. It was awesome.

The back and forth action was great and had the crowd split evenly.

The counters that they had and the evolved move set that Orton used were phenomenal.

Christian's use of the spear was a great tribute to Edge, and the finish was fitting for this match.

It will be interesting to see where this goes from here because clearly Christian is as over with the crowd as Orton. I still think that there will be a fatal four way match at Capitol Punishment with Orton, Christian, Sheamus and Mark Henry.

If you did not buy this PPV, it is worth at some point to watch this match because it made the show.

Match Rating: 10/10

Jerry Lawler defeated Michael Cole

Our prayers were answered and it appears that this feud is over.

This match was god-awful as expected, yet was slightly salvaged by appearances by Bret Hart, Jim Ross and Eve Torres (looking unbelievable).

For the love of God, please let the commentary go back to normal. It was so distracting throughout the entire PPV that it got to the point that I considered muting it.

Match Rating: 1/10

John Cena defeated the Miz

I can't think of any way that would make the Miz look weaker.

First off, having Alex Riley team with the Miz throughout the match is basically saying that you don't believe that the guy who was just WWE champion for over five months can't defeat Cena on his own.

On the other hand, I loved the Miz getting the kids at ringside involved. It looked like he was scared out of his mind.

The recording of Cena saying "I Quit" was kind of predictable because you knew that they would never actually let him quit.

It was a terrible ending though to have the Miz quit that quickly. It makes him look extremely weak after Cena got destroyed for 20 minutes, and then won within two minutes of restarting the match.

It would appear now that the Miz will feud with Riley after he hit him with the championship belt. Hopefully they will keep these two at the top of the card because they have huge potential.

This was a decent match, but too predictable.

Hopefully in Cena's next feud, which will most likely be with Alberto Del Rio, it will be more believable that he will lose clean.

Match Rating: 6/10


Overall, Over the Limit was better than expected and at least contained solid wrestling, even though the results were predictable.

I would recommend watching it if you chose not to buy it.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10


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