Washington-Oregon State: Same Storyline, Different Team as Huskies Lose Again

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst IOctober 18, 2008

Oregon State Beavers (4-3)—34
Washington Huskies (0-6)—13

Losing culture has finally permanently embedded itself in the Husky fanbase. There are no expectations for this team to win at all. Fans have come to see and realize the true realities of this sad Husky team.
With no Jake Locker for the rest of the season, winning a game may be close to impossible, and that's just a hard cold fact that Husky fans now have to deal with.
The offense has no firepower, the defense cannot stop the run or the pass, and the special teams unit is erratic. Fans have also come to the realization that this coaching staff is all but toast by the end of the season.
Coming into the season, there were Pro-Willingham fans and Anti-Willingham fans. After six games and six losses, the fanbase has now united into one faction: the Anti-Willingham group. There is no controversy to whether he'll be coach or not next season—the only controversy is when he'll be fired.
Even though this season is all but lost, a lot can be learned about the future of this Husky team in the upcoming games. There will be more young talent auditioned for the rest of the season. That's exactly what I took from this game. Believe it or not, there were some bright spots.

Post-Game Points
There were some impressive swats and bat-aways made by the Husky secondary, but still they are failing miserably to do their job. They are giving way too much space to Beaver receivers, as made evident by Beavers' QB Lyle Moevao's 81 percent completion percentage. A good majority of the Beavers' catches were ones that drew no contest from a Husky defender.

Looks like I was right on about Fouch throwing a couple picks as a result of the Beavers expecting a pass-heavy game (Fouch threw three interceptions). Don't get me wrong though—Fouch is a great passer and is turning into an adequate backup for Jake Locker in the future.
Most of Fouch's passing yards came from big passing plays, something Locker was unable to do throughout this season. Would it be stupid for me to propose a QB by committee next year?
No, it wasn't Jacquizz Rodgers who was the star of the Beavers. It was his older brother, James Rodgers, who ran for 110 yards, received 53 yards, and scored three touchdowns. The Beaver run game is seriously underrated and will not be tested by a decent defense until they play California in a couple weeks.
Husky young talent came in the form of tailback Terrence Dailey. He is the first young running back I've seen in a Husky uniform in a very long time who actually runs in between the tackles to gain yards.
This season, Brandon Johnson and other Husky tailbacks have shied away from contact and have run to the outside on numerous occasions. Dailey will now most likely get the majority of the carries for the rest of the season.