Roy Jones and Top 5 Boxing Champions Who Need to Retire Now

Leo ReyesAnalyst IMay 22, 2011

Roy Jones and Top 5 Boxing Champions Who Need to Retire Now

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    Roy Jones
    Roy JonesEthan Miller/Getty Images

    At late age of 42 and with three consecutive losses, Roy Jones Jr. should seriously consider retiring for good.

    Jones' loss to Denis Lebedev last Saturday was his third in a series of losses after he last won against Jeff Lacy in 2009.

    The cruiserweight fight ended in a knockout after Lebedev landed a series of powerful left punches that sent Jones reeling to the ropes and hitting the canvas before the end of the tenth round.  

    "The fight was Jones’ attempt to salvage some glory in the twilight of his career. He had lost his last two fights, against Danny Green and Bernard Hopkins last year. Observers have speculated his retirement is imminent," Yahoo News reports.

    “I really don’t know what I’m going to do now,” Jones said. “I’m going to think about it.”

    Roy Jones is one of the boxers with longest running winning streaks. He was undefeated in 49 consecutive fights since he turned pro in 1989, though he had one loss on record which should not have been officially recorded because he was only disqualified for hitting his opponent while down.

    After straight 49 wins, Jones got his first real loss from Antonio Tarver in 2004.  

    Jones left his mark in boxing history when he won the WBA heavyweight title, becoming the first former middleweight champion to win a Heavyweight title in 106 years.

    The Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) has given him an award as "Fighter of the Decade" for 1990s.

    Aside from Roy Jones, here are five aging fighters who should also consider retiring due to old age and declining performance.

Evander Holyfield, 48 Years Old, Heavyweight

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    Evander Holyfield
    Evander HolyfieldSlaven Vlasic/Getty Images

    Evander Holyfield is 48 years old and still fighting. His latest fight was against Brian Nielsen last May 7 in Denmark. Holyfield won the fight via TKO in the 10th round 

    Holyfield has figured in 57 fights, winning 44 and losing 10. He started his professional boxing career in 1984 in New York against Lionel Byarm, winning a unanimous decision.

    Holyfield is the only boxer to win the world heavyweight title four times. Among the heavyweight boxers he fought during his long boxing career include Mike Tyson, Gerge Forman, Larry Holmes, Riddick Bowe, Michael Moorer and John Ruiz, among others.

    Holyfield has not formally announced his retirement from boxing.  

Bernard Hopkins, 46 Years Old, Light Heavyweight

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    Bernard Hopkins with Naazim Richardson
    Bernard Hopkins with Naazim RichardsonEthan Miller/Getty Images

    Bernard Hopkins is 46 years old, having been born in 1965 in Philadelphia. He is the former undisputed world middleweight champion.

    Hopkins is the oldest boxer ever to win a world title after defeating Jean Pascal of Canada on May 22 2011 via a unanimous decision.

    The 46-years-old boxer is currently the WBC and WBO Light Heavyweight Champion.

    Hopkins has fought top boxers at the height of his career including Felix Trinidad, Oscar de la Hoya, Jarmaion Taylor, Antonio Tarver, Winky Wright, Joe Calzaghe, Kelly Pavlik and Roy Jones, among others.

    B-Hop has not been beaten in his last five fights. 

    Hopkins has not officially announced his immediate plans to retire from boxing.

Vitali Klischko, 40 Years Old, Heavyweight

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    Vitali Klitschko
    Vitali KlitschkoFriedemann Vogel/Getty Images

    Vitali Klitshcko is the famous brother of Wladimir, the current IBF and WBO heavyweight champion. He is turning 40 in July and is set to fight Tomasz Adamek within the year. 

    Klitschko has earlier announced his retirement from boxing after starting his professional career in 1996 in Hamburg against Tony Bradham.

    The Ukrainian boxer is also a politician who holds a Ph.D degree. He is a leader of a political party in his country and has been elected in the city council.

    Klitschko has a professional record of 44 fights, winning 42 with two losses.

Shane Mosley, 39 Years Old, Welterweight

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    Shane Mosley
    Shane MosleyEthan Miller/Getty Images

    With his lackluster performance against Manny Pacquiao and unimpressive showing in his recent fights, Shane Mosley should be looking at an early retirement.

    Mosley who is turning 40 years old this September, has a professional ring record of 54 fights, winning 46 with seven losses plus a draw and a no contest fight.

    Mosley has fought top boxers in the lightweight and welterweight divisions including Floyd Mayweather Jr, Antonio Margarito, Miguel Cotto, Ricardo Mayorga, Vernon Forrest and Manny Pacquiao.

    Although he has hinted at retirement after his loss against Manny Pacquaio last May 7, Mosley has not officially annouced his plan to retire from boxing.

Ricardo Mayorga, 38 Years Old, Welterweight

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    Ricardo Mayorga
    Ricardo MayorgaHarry How/Getty Images

    Ricardo Mayorga is the former WBC/WBA welterweight champion and has a professional ring record of 38 fights with 29 wins and 8 losses.

    After his loss to Miguel Cotto early this year, Mayorga announced he plans to retire from boxing. But he later retracted from his statement and said he would like to face Julio Cesar Chavez,Jr for his next fight.

    Mayorga has fought top opponents including Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Felix Trinidad, Vernon Forrest, among others.

    Mayorga is the former WBA/WBA welterweight champion.