Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean Pascala: Old Man Schools Young Lion

Troy SparksColumnistMay 22, 2011

True to his word, Bernard Hopkins set out to win the light heavyweight title from Jean Pascal.  He surpassed George Foreman as the oldest man to win a boxing championship. 

Somewhere in Houston, Foreman was watching.  Hopkins became the second man to defy the odds as an old guy to shock the world.

Hopkins avenged his match with Pascal, which ended in a draw.  He also called Pascal a four round fighter, which Pascal was in their rematch, May 21.

Pascal dominated the early rounds of the fight.  Hopkins stopped brawling with Pascal and listened to his trainer, Naazim Richardson.  You wished that Shane Mosley lent his ear to Richardson and took some advice in his fight against Manny Pacquiao.  Mosley might have won that fight.

Richardson told Hopkins to be more of a conservative boxer, save some energy by jabbing and holding.  Hopkins did some of that, and he pulled out some old tricks in his long career.

Hopkins, from the fifth round on, made the fight entertaining to the fans.  He jawed at Pascal and did some dancing around the ring.  At times, Hopkins left himself open for a shot by Pascal.  But here was the problem:  Pascal didn't take the risks to clock Hopkins.

So B-Hop used his years of ring experience to impress the judges.  He went from being behind in points to being ahead.  Everything worked according to plan for Hopkins and his team.

What is hard to understand is that Hopkins wants to fight until he's at least 50.  Huh?  The time for Hopkins to hang up the gloves is now before someone else retires him for good.