Nebraska Football Humor: Apparently, Tommie Frazier Kind of Sucks

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Nebraska Football Humor: Apparently, Tommie Frazier Kind of Sucks
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(Tommie Frazier, hoping one day people will think he's as good a quarterback as Gino Toretta)

The staff at the Hotwire apologizes for the lack of weekly-ness for the latest post. There would be apologies for the lack of funny-ness, but you'd get tired of seeing those every week.

The lack of weekly-ness arises from the Hotwire staff's concern with warnings of the impending end of the world, which turned out to be at least one thing less reliable than the Hotwire.

In the meantime, the College Football Hall of Fame decided that Tommie Frazier, legendary Nebraska quarterback who guided the Cornhuskers to 25 straight wins and two consecutive national titles, really isn't all that good.

At the very least, Frazier's accomplishments weren't good enough to be a member of the Hall.

And, of course, the judgment of the Hall of Fame couldn't possibly be questioned. So clearly these other people also aren't good enough to be in the Hall of Fame:

- Eric Dickerson (RB, SMU, 1979-82). Sure, Dickerson was a first-team All-American and led the Southwest Conference in rushing. But did you see him on "Monday Night Football?"

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
- Randall Cunningham (QB, UNLV, 1982-84). How could a guy who threw for 59 touchdowns and took UNLV to a bowl game not be in the Hall of Fame? Clearly the Hall voters are Eagles fans.

- Howard Schnellenberger (Head Coach, Miami). Insert obligatory Captain Kangaroo joke here.

Thankfully, the guardians at the gate of the College Football Hall of Fame have kept the bar high enough so that second-rate talents such as those above haven't besmirched the Hall.

To do otherwise would diminish the accomplishments of Hall-inducted luminaries like Gino Toretta. We can all rest easier.


At the Husker Hotwire, we are committed to continue the coverage of all that's happening in Nebraska's new conference.

Since last we met, the B1G Conference meetings took place, and BeeOneGee Grand Poo Bah Jim Delany announced that the conference would consider adding cash payments to players.

Rest assured, these cash payments would absolutely not be paying players a salary. Instead, the payments would just reflect the "full cost of admission," as opposed to Reggie Bush's "full cost of an apartment and vacations" or Ohio State's "full cost of free cars to players."

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Delany acknowledged that some conferences (say, the ones who get the guaranteed admission into BC$ bowls) might be more financially able to absolutely not be paying players a salary than others.

Of course, Delany wouldn't be too worried about the additional advantage in recruiting the B1G Conference's absolutely not be paying players a salary would be compared to conferences who don't do so.

After all, he told non-BC$ schools that they should take the one-dollar-in-five that they get and stop complaining.


Fighting Iri$h Hotwire reports that Notre Dame will be paying former head coach Charlie Weis to not coach the Iri$h until 2015.

The school is looking to defray some of that cost by playing a parlay bet in Las Vegas on the number of times Weis will be fired between now and 2015. Smart money is leaning toward six.

Cardinal Hotwire reports that Tyler Gabbert is considering transferring to Louisville. Gabbert is looking for a new home due to leaving Missouri after failing to win the starting quarterback position.

Gabbert had the opportunity to leave Missouri without playing a down due to his decommitting from Nebraska prior to setting foot on campus in Lincoln.

Shawn Watson, former Nebraska offensive coordinator and now Louisville quarterbacks coach, is excited for the opportunity to have Gabbert bail on his program twice.

Gabbert, conversely, is excited to have the opportunity to replicate the kind of offensive performance Watson's Huskers put on in last year's Big XII Championship game.

Heisman Trophy Hotwire reports that the most prestigious individual award in sports will be sponsored next year by Aflac, a company known best for a duck with Gilbert Godfrey's voice. No amount of snark can make that funnier.

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