ROH Breaking News: Ring of Honor Sold to Sinclair Broadcasting Group

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 21, 2011

While most of the wrestling world mourns the loss of one of it's greatest of all time in Randy "Macho Man" Savage, one group is celebrating. This, being ROH.

Now, for those who do not know, Ring of Honor has been a major player in the Indy wrestling scene for a number of years now.

They have helped create some of our current major players in the wrestling world. People such as AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries, and CM Punk all went through ROH, and this became their first step into the wrestling world.

Many consider ROH the third top promotion in the world, only behind WWE and TNA. Some would even put it over those two.

It, however, has been sold to Sinclair Broadcasting Group. They actually are the owners of stations such as MyNetwork TV and the CW. They also own TV stations throughout America with FOX, NBC, CBS, and ABC.

However, they only own the station and but broadcast through their major owner, whether it be FOX, ABC, or whoever.

They mainly make their profit because of the fact that they own a majority of the actual stations throughout America. Which is a major thing, because they make huge money on advertising, and can pretty much put ROH in a major light all over the country.

Get this, they have the right to broadcast whatever they choose on all of these channels when it becomes "station time". ROH would more than likely get put on during weekends on a channel with nothing of real use on it during this time, such as MyNetwork TV.

But because it would only be on TV stations owned with Sinclair, a lot of places wouldn't have ROH on their station. However, Sinclair is in over 24 percent of all American homes.

There is no international availability.

I am one of the lucky few who have all my local stations owned by Sinclair here in Alabama.

You can look up Sinclair and see if there are any in your American area.

What this does for ROH is pretty much guarantee they will last. Also, Sinclair is gonna be like a "Sugar daddy" if you will. Giving out the money to get whoever in, and still allowing all operations to be done by the same people currently there.

They also offer, besides money, TV and advertising space on LOCAL TV!! Not everyone has cable or satellite. But, Sinclair can put out all of their ADs on their stations and probably buy space on the ones they don't own.

Sinclair does have the bulk of local channels here in America, but there are some left out. Which means, Sinclair would have to sell the idea of wrestling to the others.

It's not always easy, but bringing in top names would be the first step to this.

ROH is known for wonderful Indy talent, some of which have become Indy legends through them. But, they need their proverbial star players.

This gives us yet another promotion that will rival WWE to get top talent. With Sinclair backing financially, I doubt TNA could stop certain guys from leaving money wise. WWE would be the only one.

One current idea is CM Punk, who was a major player with ROH for a long time. He is unhappy with WWE right now, and while they could always work it out, Punk has done it all there already.

He has 3 World Titles to his credit, an ECW Title, and IC Title, Tag Team title, and won two back to back Money in the Bank matches.

So, that said, Punk really doesn't have much to accomplish and his WWE deal is coming up. He could leave and be like Kurt Angle was to TNA, and jump ship to help grow the smaller company.

Punk would be able to fully use his gimmick, would be back home at ROH, and he's big enough to bring in an audience. The idea that they will be on guaranteed local TV, is also something Punk may be glad about.

His star power is something that would help grow ROH and with Sinclair's backing, they could pay him a lot to kind of steal him away from WWE.

It's also a smaller schedule, of which Punk would also be happy about.

It's a big thing to think about, which is something Punk didn't have last week. He also hasn't signed a deal with WWE yet either, so, Punk now has an advantage in negotiation. A massive one!

Even if he doesn't jump ship, the idea that he could is something WWE has to think about.

TNA also has to worry about it's talent jumping seeing as a lot of their guys are former ROH stars. Having them all back would be a massive thing for ROH.

Plus, ROH is a proven draw, not just in audience, but TV. While on HDNet, they were drawing pretty good ratings for a while, some that even matched TNA certain weeks.

With a bigger market, imagine what they could do!

ROH's future is massively bright to me, and I'm sure many of it's fans are happy ROH is getting such an opportunity.

What do you think of the sell? Good or Bad for ROH?

And who do you think would jump ship to ROH?