WWE Divas Need a Boost: A Thought on a Dying Division by the Mind of Mambo

Gabe MamboContributor IIIMay 31, 2011

Kharma's absence will be felt in the WWE (Credit to: wrestlinggold.blogspot.com)
Kharma's absence will be felt in the WWE (Credit to: wrestlinggold.blogspot.com)

One of the biggest current sensations in the WWE seemed to bring life to the promotion's Divas Division. Kharma, better known as Awesome Kong, was dominating every Diva she ran into since she debuted.

Kharma didn't have to wrestle in an official match to capture everyone's attention. All the former TNA Knockouts Champion had to do was attack every Diva who dared to stand in her way. Every member of the powerful, sexy pack of superstars has fallen to her might. Kharma seemed to be an answer to the question of a "dying" divas division.

Unfortunately, the boost ended yesterday.

At least for now.

The rumors of a pregnancy halting Kharma's run to the top were confirmed.

On yesterday's edition of Monday Night Raw, Kharma stated that there were two goals that she wanted to accomplish. One was that she wanted to be a WWE Superstar. That dream was obviously realized; the word "superstar" was arguably an understatement from the moment she debuted.

The other achievement has put her career on hold. Kharma is pregnant.

Many of us are hoping for a good pregnancy, happy birth and eventual return to the ring. We want the best for the dominating Diva.

Still, as fortunate as life will be for Kharma outside of the ring in approximately nine months, we'd rather see her in the winning matches and bringing back interest in her respective division.

I'm certain that many fans of the WWE who were familiar with the brighter days of the Divas Division are disappointed. It's understandable. I am as well.

The WWE Divas division has seen better days. People could recall the brighter days of WWE female superstars in the ring. It might even be hard to pinpoint what years were the best.

In the 1980s, the reign of Fabulous Moolah came to an end. This helped bring other female performers over as WWE Womens Champion.

The likes of Wendi Richter and Velvet McIntyre were able to claim the historic, coveted belt. Later on, other WWE female superstars emerged to the top of their division.

Until her departure for WCW, Alundra Blayze headlined a division that also featured Bull Nakano and other female wrestlers.

The womens division seemed to die a morbid death after Blayze threw the WWE Womens championship in the garbage during her first appearance in WCW. Thankfully, interest sparked again when the title was reactivated in 1998.

The Attitude Era and "Ruthless Aggression" periods were the height of the WWE Womens Championship in the modern era of the promotion. Stars like Jaqueline, The Kat, Sable, Chyna, Ivory and even WWE heir-apparent Stephanie McMahon held the Womens Championship in the Attitude Era.

After the Attitude Era, success continued. Trish Stratus and Lita headlined a division that probably reached its peak in terms of in-ring talent. Combine the wrestling talents of the Divas with their good looks and one would find that the WWE Womens division was definitely at its best.

Unfortunately, even as other talented divas took the place of the departed Lita and Stratus, the division went into a decline. In my opinion, the end of the WWE Womens championship and the lack of attention to the Divas Division overall has put it on the back burner.

I am someone whose hoped to see the Divas Division receive some adequate booking, but the good booking has only come in small sprites of brilliance from the creative staff.

The Bella Twins reign is evoking some heat, so they are, in a way, worthy of being Divas Champion. At the same time, I never really saw them as anything other than the typical "eye-candy" material that belongs to managers only. Then again, they do have wrestling abilities so I will not belittle them or their reign thus far.

Other wrestlers are waiting for their due. I'm vexed that women like Natalya, Gail Kim, Melina, Kelly Kelly and others aren't pushed to the top of the division, considering that they only helped the division when pushed correctly.

The WWE creative staff had something going on with Kharma. Her presence created a story that could have run for months without losing its vitality. Unfortunately, the personal life of Kharma has prevented the Divas Division from receiving the boost that it needs.

Will the division suffer? No, it shouldn't. The Bella Twins are doing a solid job as heels, and Kelly Kelly looks to take the title from them in the near future. The division should be in good hands.

As for Kharma, her time will come again. She's said it herself. As she glared at the Bella Twins while leaving the ring, she made a proclamation about her plans for them. Apparently, she has a third dream in which both sisters are the stars.

Hopefully a fourth dream will come along. Then again, she's probably been doing it all along. The divas division has received the boost that we as fans have been waiting for.