WWE Over the Limit: R-Truth and Ezekiel Jackson by the Mind of Mambo

Gabe MamboContributor IIIMay 23, 2011

R-Truth humiliates Mysterio after his win at "WWE: Over the Limit" (Photo: WWE.com)
R-Truth humiliates Mysterio after his win at "WWE: Over the Limit" (Photo: WWE.com)

R-Truth has become a menace on Monday Night Raw. It was evident when he attacked Rey Mysterio on the May 9th edition of the WWE's flagship show.

He had malice in his eyes. Any member of the WWE Universe would be able to take note of this change of alignment for a superstar whose rage is directed at them and everything he claimed had a hand in holding him back from a world title shot.

In his mind, he was overlooked, overshadowed and, ultimately, put in a bad spot. There used to be rumors of an eventual release awaiting the former 2-time NWA World Heavyweight champion. Now, he looks like a mainstay.

The attack on the fan favorite from San Diego has now led to a feud that will continue his push to the top of the Raw card. The heel turn of R-Truth has been nothing but beneficial for him. It's everything that the former TNA performer could ask for.

R-Truth now has a chance at glory. This was probably on his mind as he waited in Seattle for his match with Rey Mysterio. When he defeated and humiliated the Master of 619, there was probably one phrase on his mind to summarize his momentum:

"Now that's what's up!"

While R-Truth was making noise on monday nights, another man made an impact on Fridays.

That man's name is Ezekiel Jackson.

Jackson has declared himself to be the "personification of domination." A lot of evidence can back that statement up.

Who else would be able to lift a 500 pound superstar in the air? Who else could have been stronger than anyone in the infamous stable The Corre?

In a solid promo on the most recent edition of SmackDown, Jackson took note to this fact. He claimed that The Corre used him and thus needed him more than he needed them. Again, there's evidence to support the theory. This was why he left.

The Corre is now a trio of exiled Nexus members. Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett was still supported by Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. His two cohorts were not in danger of his wrath. The same couldn't be said for Ezekiel Jackson.

When he stands completely alone, Jackson can be vulnerable. The Corre has already punished him for leaving. In the attack that ensued after he left the group, Ezekiel Jackson held his own. It was only numbers that overwhelmed the powerhouse performer.

If he's in the right spot, in a fair situation, he's dangerous. He'll body slam Justin Gabriel four times in a row while grinning and laughing at Wade Barrett. The insults probably pierced the Englishman's soul.

Ezekiel Jackson wanted to stand on his own because he may very well be the personification of domination. Unfortunately, the numbers game went against him at Over the Limit.

In a match for Barrett's Intercontinental Championship, Ezekiel Jackson was victorious...at the cost of his well-being. Jackson was attacked by his former stablemates, leading to a disqualification that kept the belt around the waist of The Corre leader. It was an unfortunate incident that left Jackson sprawled on the mat again.

There were two sides of the coin for R-Truth and Ezekiel Jackson. Their pushes will be something that will resonate in the WWE Universe for quite some time. We have complained about the lack of star-building on the account of the WWE Creative Team. It's obvious that the group of writers for the number one sports entertainment company have take some initiative.

They're serving themselves well. The truth always prevails and domination is key to success. R-Truth and Ezekiel Jackson show that.

Two men are waiting for their rise to the top. Their opportunities will be tremendously taken advantage of. At Over the Limit, their glory may finally arrive. They deserve to win today. And that's what's up.