Losing Game Seven is a Reminder of What It's Really Like to Be a Red Sox Fan

Ryan KContributor IOctober 19, 2008

Think back prior to the 2004 baseball season. If you were a Boston Red Sox fan, you know what it always felt like, season in and season out. Every year, the team from Boston repeatedly came close to that ultimate prize in October, but always fell short.

They would always capture your heart and then BAM! They would rip it out.

1967, 1978, 1986, and 2003, just a few years to name a few that the Red Sox went far in to the season and then blew it leaving all fans in New England devastated.

In 1978, they had a huge lead in the division throughout the season and with one swing of the bat of Bucky *bleeping* Dent, the dream of winning the pennant was over.

In 1986, the Sox were just an out away from winning the world series and a botched routine groundball stopped all of that. And in 2003, in the 11th inning of game seven of the American League Championship Series, Aaron Boone put an end to the dreams once again.

Then, 2004 and 2007 happened. Two World Series championships for a team that nobody thought could win.

This year was a reality check and a reminder of what it is really like to be a Red Sox fan.

In game five the Red Sox were down 7-0 in the seventh inning, and many Red Sox fans had made peace that this wasn't the year. But then suddenly, the team got every fan's heart back into the series with a miraculous comeback win.

Then to top things off, they won game six—giving hope to every fan. On Sunday night, they ruined the hopes and dreams of all the fans who were rooting for their team.

If they had lost in game five it wouldn't be so bad because everyone was ready for the loss, but keeping the series alive and bringing it to a seventh game made it ten times worse. 

This is what it's like to be a true Red Sox fan.

So if you've just joined Red Sox Nation in the last four years, I officially welcome you to Red Sox Nation. You're a fan of a team that will get your hopes up and just when you think things couldn't be better, BAM! They break your heart.