A Disgruntled Red Sox Fan: I Hate the Tampa Bay Rays

Michael HurleyContributor IOctober 19, 2008

I hate seeing Jason Varitek up to bat in the ninth inning.

I hate that Coco Crisp can't slide into second base properly.

I hate the A.L. MVP popping out with no outs and two men on in the eighth.

I hate Joe Maddon using five pitchers to finish an inning and not allowing one run. (Must be a first for a playoff game.)

I hate Joe Maddon's glasses.

I hate that the at-bat I will remember of J.D Drew's from 2007 was his $14 million grandslam and from 2008 was his inability to check his swing on a pitch a foot off the plate.

I hate the fact that as much as I love Jason Bay, I was waiting for Manny to come up the entire series.

I hate a New England kid getting the big hit against the Red Sox.

I hate baseball in a dome.

I hate the Tampa Bay Rays' jerseys.

I hate the Tampa fans who don't deserve this, half of them hadn't even been to a game this season.

I hate the sea of pink hat Boston fans that left Fenway before the comeback in Game Five.

I hate the fact that David Price is going to win 15 games next year.

I hate the pitch tracker, which is never relatively correct on their placement of the pitches to the strike zone.

I hate the fact that in the seventh of Game Five, I was just hoping for them to go down at least fighting and they gave me that and more and I am still disappointed.

I hate that Tampa will be competitive in the A.L. East for the next five years at least.

I hate that Dicky Vitale is a Rays fan.

I hate B.J Upton for becoming Reggie Jackson for the playoffs.

I hate that TBS had rights to the series, which they completely should be voided from after the biggest screw up ever in the first inning of Game Six, showing The Steve Harvey Show instead of the game.

I hate Mike Timlin on the playoff roster.

I hate that the Sox were a run away in Game Two from taking control of the entire series.

I hate that David Ortiz's wrists were so slow.

I hate Craig Sager's suits; they aren't funny, just awful.

I hate that Dan Wheeler didn't stay in the game longer.

I hate Matt Garza, Carlos Pena, Willy Aybar, Evan Longoria, and B.J Upton.

And I really really hate that the Yankees not making the postseason does not give me any more solace.