College Football Thoughts and Opinions on Week Eight

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 19, 2008

BYU and TCU Down One, but Not Out

After losing to TCU, BYU fell to a ranking of 18 in the AP and 17 in the coaches' poll. TCU jumped into the AP to 15 and from 24 to 15 in the coaches'. This still puts the Horned Frogs behind Utah and Boise State.

Thing is, they are still ahead of the highest-ranked team from the ACC. If either can win out, Utah and Boise State should lose, and the ACC champion stays behind them, then they still have a chance at making a BCS bowl. There is no rule that says a team has to be undefeated to make a BCS bowl even though that has been accepted as the standard.


The Maryland Roller Coaster Continues

Has there been a more up-and-down team than Maryland? Struggles to beat Delaware and loses to Middle Tennessee State. The next game they beat a ranked California squad. They then go on to beat Eastern Michigan and a ranked Clemson, only to lose their next game by a score of 31-0. This past weekend, they again beat another ranked team in a 26-0 shutout of Wake Forest.


Where did Clemson and Wisconsin Go?

Both started the season ranked in the top 15. Now? Clemson is 3-4 and 1-3 in the ACC. Wisconsin is 3-4 and 0-4 in the Big Ten.

Both were considered favorites to challenge for their respective conference, but now I have to wonder if they are even going to make bowls.


Vanderbilt Bowl Hunting

Vanderbilt started the season at 5-0 but have now lost two in a row. All the Commodores really need is one more win to be eligible, and with the next game against Duke, it is very likely they will reach that sixth win. They might not make the BCS, but, for this program, a bowl is a bowl.


My Mistake on Ohio State at Michigan State

Last week I made the statement that this would be a good one, but boy was I wrong. No, this isn’t the first time, and I am sure it won’t be the last, but this was just a bad one. It’s OK, I wasn’t the only one that got suckered on this one.


Washington State is the Worst Team Ever

Now I don’t know the exact numbers, but I don’t know if I could believe that there was another team that has been this bad. Washington State has one win, and it was against FCS school Portland State.

Despite that one win, they have lost—and lost bad. They have now given up 60 points in four different conference games. Cal, Oregon, Oregon State and USC all topped the 60-point mark. Also, only in the Portland State game did the Cougars offense even top 17 points.


Tough Enough to Wear Pink

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the New Mexico State Lobos are doing their part. The end zones were pink. The players had pink socks, pink tape, and even the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness on the sides of their helmets. In the end, they did lose the game to San Jose State, but I think something more important was won with the money raised for breast cancer awareness.


Tulsa is Still Underrated

Yes, the Golden Hurricane is now in the top 25, but it sure did take a long time, and they are barely in. Is a record of 7-0 and the best offense in the country not enough for pollsters? Tulsa's lowest score was 37 and it just scored the highest point total this season by racking up 77 on UTEP.