Vince McMahon and WWE Want You to Turn on Rey Mysterio

Jack WindhamAnalyst IMay 18, 2011

Don't look now, but Vince McMahon is slowly getting you to turn on Rey Mysterio.

Remember when word broke out that Alberto Del Rio was coming to WWE? You instantly praised him as a future world champion without ever having seen his work in Mexico.

You further bought into the hype when you saw him winning the Royal Rumble and working a World title match at Wrestlemania.

Remember when word broke out that Sin Cara was coming to WWE? You immediately made him out to this mythical performer that could put shame to the guys that were in the cruiserweight and X divisions.

In fact, some of you probably thought that he was the first human ever to be capable of flight.

While all the buzz was going on, WWE was hoping that you would slowly disregard Mysterio like you did when you discarded your cute childhood friend in the group in favor of the hot new chick that just moved to town and transferred to your school.

Well, you did.

Over the last couple of days, WWE has been telling fans in Mexico that Mysterio was being phased out. Sin Cara and Del Rio have been the featured attraction down during this current tour.

McMahon is using this tour in order to gauge how well his two new Hispanic stars can do in place of Mysterio.

You see, if Sin Cara and Del Rio can do well, then that means that McMahon will no longer have to give up leverage to Mysterio, a marvel with moving merchandise, during negotiations.

He's hoping that you'll continue to be willing to be a pawn in his game.


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