New Orleans Saints Fans Must Look For the Positives

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2008

Born and raised in South Louisiana, I grew up a New Orleans Saints fan. It is not easy being a Saints fan, but I support them no matter what because they represent my home state.

Going into the 2008 season, it was known that the Saints would struggle on defense. Also, there was several injuries that plagued the Saints, but despite their weakness they beat Tampa Bay in week one.

After week three, New Orleans was 1-3, but a missed field goal cost them the game in week three in Denver.

Then the Saints came home for a three week home game stretch in which they won 2 of the three during this stretch. The only loss came from Minnesota in a Monday Night Football game in which a missed field goal cost them the game again.

Today, they could have made up for those close losses by beating the Carolina Panthers. This would have moved the Saints from last to first in the NFC South, but the Saints received their worse lose of the season dropping the game 30-7.

At 3-4, the Saints are last in the NFC South, but are still only two games behind the Panthers who are in first.

My point in this is that despite the weaknesses, this Saints team has the ability to be 5-1 going into today’s game. If anything, the team would hope to at least be able to depend on their kicking game to help them get over the mistakes, but instead of being 6-2 as of today, the Saints are 3-4 and one can only think that this team has to have a voodoo spell on them.

Any Saints fan will tell you the history. The games that we have came back and lost, the years of disappointment, the threat of the organization leaving New Orleans, and the many other upsetting moments that has haunted this team.

If anything, the Saints do have the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL and for this achievement, I will rank my top five Saintsations.

1. Christina T.

2. Lexie

3. LeShelle

4. Amanda T.

5. Jenny

Thank you ladies for your hard work and cheering on our Saints. You give us something to be happy about during the tough times.

If anyone would like to rank their favorite Saintsations, you can visit the following link.

Maybe one day I can do an interview with a Saintsation and post the article on Bleacher Report.