NHL: 5 Potential Names for Winnipeg's New Franchise

Joe StrummerContributor IIIMay 18, 2011

NHL: 5 Potential Names for Winnipeg's New Franchise

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    So it looks like the NHL could finally be in Winnipeg again with a good chance that the Atlanta Thrashers will be relocating north in time for next season.

    There has been a lot of talk about a possible name for the new team. Some are good, some are bad and some are just awful.

    Here are the Top Five potential names for Winnipeg's new NHL team.

Winnipeg or Manitoba?

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    There have been a lot of rumors going around that True North Sports and Entertainment who are trying to bring the NHL back to Winnipeg, are interested in keeping the name Manitoba Moose from their current "AAA" team in the American Hockey League, or at least keeping the Manitoba moniker.

    The fact is this idea just isn't popular. Read anywhere online, and there is just about no one supporting the Manitoba idea. It simply comes down to the fact that all these years it has been Winnipeg trying to get their team back, not Manitoba.

    My say: The team has to be referred to as Winnipeg, plain and simple.

1. Jets

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    The most popular name idea for the team is obviously the Jets. For nostalgic reasons everyone in Winnipeg would love to see their childhood team once again hitting the ice against teams like the Oilers or Los Angeles, cheering on the Jets in a sea of white.

    It was the name of the team that Winnipeg came together around from 1972 to 1996 and brought a lot of happy memories: 3 Avco Cups, Teemu Selanne's rookie year, the Golden Jet and the famous White Outs.

    My say: It's a no-brainer to call the team the Jets.

    The picture is a new concept for a return of the Winnipeg Jets.

2. Falcons

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    This name has been going around the Internet for a while now and has a lot of people liking the sound of it.

    Many people say that if Winnipeg was to acquire a new NHL franchise, it would be best for a new start. A new beginning would separate the new team from the Jets, who despite having some great memories, were never able to really win in the NHL and saw not so great fan support in the final few seasons while players were being sold off for loonies.

    Falcons would be a great new start. It is sticking with the bird name from the Thrashers and it was the name of the team that Winnipeg was represented by all the way back to the 1920's, when they won a Gold Medal. Plus the name isn't too over the top and could be seen years from now.

    Honestly, names like the Predators or Thunder (NBA) are just silly.

    My say: Great for a fresh start


    The photo has been going around with the name idea of the Falcons becoming for and more mentioned in the media. Looks too similar to the old Capitals logo to me.

3. Thrashers

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    Keeping the name of the Atlanta Thrashers?

    I kinda like it.

    Many people would not be a fan of this, but Calgary kept the Flames name when Atlanta lost their NHL team back in 1980.

    Currently, there is already a team in Winnipeg called the Thrashers, the current national midget champions that just beat out London for the Telus Cup. This means the people of Winnipeg are already used to the name Winnipeg Thrashers.

    My say: Okay

    I like this idea more then the next one, which seams to be getting mentioned more and more...

4. Moose

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    According to a few sources, True North Sports and Entertainment likes the idea of bringing the Moose brand into the NHL if they are successful in landing an NHL franchise.

    I hate this idea, and so do many others in Winnipeg.

    Everyone appreciates the Moose for bringing great hockey to Winnipeg in the absence of the NHL and developing many players that are now helping the Vancouver Canucks go deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs. However, if Winnipeg does get an NHL team, the Moose will no longer be needed.

    Thanks for the memories.

    My say: Awful idea

5. Other

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    Here are some other names floating around as potential for the new team:

    Blizzard: A lot of talk about how players wouldn't want to play in Winnipeg, a name like the Blizzard wouldn't help.

    My say: Awful

    Rebels: A reference to the Winnipeg General Strike. It isn't bad, but seems cliche and reminds me of juniors, I wonder why?

    My say: Okay

    Strike: Another reference to the Winnipeg General Strike, but it sounds more like a soccer team to me.

    My say: Not good

    Voyageurs: Dave Naylor's (From TSN) idea to represent Manitoba's French background, it isn't a bad name but Winnipeg just isn't really a French city at all.

    My say: Okay

    Golden Jets: Wouldn't that be great?

    My say: anything but the Moose


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    If Winnipeg lands a NHL franchise I would love to see the Winnipeg Jets back in action, but I want to see what everyone else thinks.

    Leave a comment and say your idea!