New York Jets Should Forget the Titan Jersey's

Bill YadlonContributor IOctober 19, 2008

Any self respecting New York Jets fan has to be fed up with the New York Titans uniforms the Jets began wearing last year. While wearing the classic throwbacks for the first time in 2008, the Jets routed the Arizona Cardinals 56-35, in which Brett Favre threw for a career high six touchdown passes.

Impersonating the behavior of most superstitious high school athletes, the Jets chose to wear their throwbacks uniforms during their next home game against the Bengals, which they won. Not because of superior talent and the Bengals atrocity, but because of those gritty looking old school threads.

Originally, I liked the idea for the Titans jerseys. Most teams had some kind of alternate jersey, and it was nice to see a change every once and a while. But, I must oppose the design, in that it is modified to look similar to the Jets jerseys of today, while still maintaining an artificial old-fashioned look. But I guess things could be worse, we could have those sky blue and yellow Philadelphia Eagles jersey.

As a Jets fan, I am a supporter of anything that distinguishes us from the hated Giants. The classic green and white allowed us to never be confused with our East Rutherford roommates. However, last week while watching the game, someone in the room commented that the Jets resembled the Giants. I simply lost it, and these over-used throwbacks became an instant no-no.

Being three home games into the season, it is simply inexcusable to use your throwbacks more (twice) than your classic home colors (just once). If you’d like to honor history, do so in a way that celebrates Broadway Joe and the Super bowl III winning team. Don’t waste your time celebrating a bleak team that finished an unimpressive 19-23 in three pedestrian seasons.

But we all know it’s not about honoring history; it’s about the Jets commitment to a different type of green, which is the all mighty dollar. I shouldn’t fault them; most teams also do this to raise jersey sales. But please, do not beat the Titans jerseys into the ground. Once a season will do just fine. Let’s not throw the jerseys we won our only Super Bowl into the wind, for the sake of something new.

Of course, what is most important is winning, and let’s face it, this team is 2-0 in the throwbacks. So, I’m willing to put up with our New York Jets looking like Notre Dame’s JV team, as long as they keep winning.