John Cena and the Miz Presented with Rare Opportunity This Sunday

Russ GodekContributor IIIMay 18, 2011

Over The Limit is this Sunday, May 22nd in Seattle, Washington.

The main event of the night, was recently revealed on Raw two weeks ago to be an "I Quit" match between John Cena and The Miz.

Many people have been getting tired of the Cena/Miz feud and find it very predictable and boring. And in many regards, they are right. It's almost certain that John Cena will not lose this weekend.

Cena won the belt at the last Pay Per View and most likely will not lose it the very next event, especially in an "I Quit" match. Remember Cena's "I Quit" match against Randy Orton?

He beat Orton and proved himself to be an apparent immortal, incapable of uttering the words "I Quit". So what hope is there for The Miz? Not much.

Well, there's pretty much no hope of The Miz winning, but there is hope for something else. Something that is rare. Something that is a huge and bold move for the WWE to make.

That infamous double-turn.

Yes, it's been talked about to death, but this weekend could be the perfect opportunity to make it come to fruition. There's been rumblings that the WWE may try and push The Miz towards a face turn.

It seems his match against Cena could be the perfect point to accomplish this. Imagine the set-up.

The Miz battles hard through the match, hurting Cena bad. The resilient Cena however, comes back strong and starts to beat on The Miz. Beats on him badly.

Having The Miz get back up again and again from everything that Cena throws at him would finally give some weight to his character and make him a formidable foe capable of standing toe-to-toe with Cena.

As Miz takes more and more of the beating, the crowd would most likely start to get behind him as he struggles to his feet time and time again. Cena, would get more and more angry and steadily escalate his attacks and their intensity, before delivering the ultimate blow.

Something fierce, something borderline, that puts Miz out cold and would have Cena take heat. The Miz wouldn't technically be saying "I Quit", but the ref would not allow the match to continue as Miz would be out cold and while beaten, would still come out looking like a champ.

It could be the ultimate double-turn moment that would rival Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin's double-turn, not to mention it would be eerily similar to it as well and a nice homage.

That, to me, would be a perfect execution of the turn for both and I think it would benefit both individuals and the WWE as a whole.

The Miz, has started to grow on a lot of people and he certainly has the charisma and mic skills to be a prominent face in the WWE. Not to mention his in-ring ability is improving as well.

Having Miz go over and becoming face would be refreshing and a nice change of pace from Cena, as he is more of a finesse wrestler as opposed to the brute force of Cena.

As Miz utters his signature tag line, the whole crowd would be able to scream "Awesome!" along with him, which would work great.

For Cena, as mentioned earlier, he is very predictable and very boring. He had a long run as the face of the WWE and has played the good guy well for a while. But lately, his character and his feuds are growing stale.

It's the same old, same old, and Cena's indifference attitude usually hurts the feuds. If you turn him as a heel, his brute force could be accentuated and used more efficiently, since generally, brute force is more associated with villainous behavior.

Both wrestlers could benefit from the change. Additionally, for Cena, it would work better with him going into WrestleMania 28 against The Rock as a heel, as The Rock would definitely get a bigger pop.

While two faces can square off against each other, it would be much more effective with Cena and The Rock if Cena were going into it as a heel.

The WWE doesn't often make such bold moves and this for sure, would be a huge move to make, so it is doubtful that it will happen this weekend.

But it may happen at some point before WrestleMania. A lot of fans are asking for it.

At the very least, it would certainly make the WWE a lot more interesting moving forward. Sometimes it pays to disrupt the status quo and shake things up. In this case, it would pay big.

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of the double-turn this weekend? Do you want to see Miz as a face and Cena as a heel?

Sound off below!