The New York Yankees Will Always Be Great

Mia MizunaContributor IOctober 19, 2008

All you faithful Yankee fans out there will certainly agree with me immediately (or so I hope) that no matter what bogus Red Sox fans come up with, we are not the team that failed for 86 years straight.

Okay, I admit, this wasn't their year. Some injuries, too many high's guaranteed to happen to the best. Yet, the snide, idiotic comments on how terrible the Yankees are made out to be just make the hater look like a fool. Let's review: Not only does the New York Yankee name linger in every household like a legacy, it has the history to prove itself. 

First off, the Yanks have a solid 26 World Champion titles, which can't even be touched. The next contestant is the St. Louis Cardinals, with a whimpering 10 World Series titles.

And this is just for you Sox fans, you have seven teeny World Championship titles; please, you're like sprinkles and the Yankees are the huge, amazing, banana split with everything on it.

Also, I'd like to bring attention to the fact that Sox fans seem to have a bitter attitude to any Yankee business. Maybe it's because I live in Massachusetts and I deal with the Sox mania all the time, but I think I'm onto something. 

It just brings music to my ears when I hear the infamous line, "Yankees stink," day after day after day. Don't any of my fellow Yankee fans out there realize that after you challenge a Red Sox fan, all they can come up with is, "Yankees Stink." It's almost like Sox fans intentionally provoke a confrontation, and then they look foolish with no comebacks to the point.

Should I defend the Great Yankee Title? The Yankees have been honored to have five Cy Young Winners, 20 MVP Players (among them being Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, and Roger Maris), seven Rookies of the Year, 14 ERA Champions (including Lefty Gomez and Ron Guidry), and also have a large amount of Home Run Champions as well. Any franchise with numbers like that should be proud no matter what.

In conclusion, the statement "Yankees Stink" is faulty, and there's no solid proof that makes them a bad team. They are a respectable team with high standards for their athletes' behavior, an excellent performance history, and they simply excite those interested. Just remembering the first time I stepped inside of Yankee Stadium was a milestone moment for me.

The Yankee name has an aura about it. Now, who agrees?