Hamilton, Finally Perfect!!!

Isuru Wakishta ArachchiCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2008

I became a fan of Formula One at roughly the same time Hamilton entered the sport. I have closely followed his activities. I am, however, a Ferrari-Kimi fan, so naturally I hate him, but I try my best to be objective when I write this about him.


To those uncompromising Hamilton haters...

I hear you, I agree that he thinks he's too good, thinks to highly of himself, and that he isn't a gentleman on the track.

There is no denying that his talent & personal story is so extraordinary. Many argue that his career was offered to him on a platter, sure enough, but I think he deserved it. His father was not Nelson Piquet, nor was his father a wealthy man with so much influence. If his career was offered on a platter, then I think he made others offer it to him.

The fact that he is British definitely worked to his advantage but being born to the greatest F1 nation is not his fault, is it? Maybe Rosberg, Vettel, & Alonso are just as great drivers or even better, but it wasn't god willing that they got a deserving car, so be it. I don't believe luck is an excuse, but that's just me.


On the Hamilton that was...

I think, ever since Hungary 2007, Hamilton was just being himself. Yes, the arrogant (on the track) self-proclaimed living legend that I hate, is the real Hamilton. But maybe most F1 drivers of his caliber are like that and maybe they are not quite as genuine or as powerful enough in the team to beat PR requirements.


On the Hamilton that is...

To me, Japan 2008 is the lowest point in his career. He started to be hated by most and I am sure everyone close to him, including Ron Dennis & Anthony Hamilton, must have gone to great lengths to give Hamilton a reality check. Maybe they told him to just be 95 percent of the man you are, not the entire 100 percent because the final five percent is too lethal. Guess what, it worked.

I was very impressed with the way he spoke to the media & raced since qualifying started this week in China, but it wasn't Hamilton himself, it was the 95 percent Hamilton. This seems to be the best for him & his fans alike.


On the Hamilton that will be...

Maybe Hamilton learnt today that if he becomes like what he was today, he can be the "best" he thinks he is. Nevertheless, it is a very fine line to walk, however successful he is in doing that, might just decide whether the world's greatest driver 'ever' comes from Germany or Britain.

50 years after Britain had its first taste of great drivers in F1, now they have renewed hope to produce perhaps the 'greatest ever'...but not yet for sure...only time will tell.