WWE Over the Limit 2011: PPV Prediction Challenge and Breaking Down Every Match

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMay 18, 2011

WWE Over the Limit 2011: PPV Prediction Challenge and Breaking Down Every Match

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    Three weeks after WWE Extreme Rules, WWE Over the Limit is live this Sunday on PPV.

    I am here to break down every announced match (check back later if more are announced, including ones from this Friday's SmackDown) and predict the outcome.


    PPV Prediction Challenge:

    Continuing from Extreme Rules, I invite all of you to join in on a concept that I have developed with the editors, where you will post your predictions in the comments selection below, and I will keep a running tally all the way until WrestleMania 28 to determine the "PPV Prediction Challenge" champion.

    So that I know you want to be apart of the contest, make sure you put at the beginning of your comment "PPV Prediction Challenge:" followed by your picks. Feel free to expand on them however you want, or just provide the winners.

    I plan on posting a table of the updated results following Over the Limit, so that everyone knows where they stand.

    The more people are involved in this the better, as it will increase the competitive environment of the community. 

    With that being said, here are my picks for Over the Limit.

R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio

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    I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong about R-Truth.

    He has been able to successfully transition into being an interesting heel.

    While I could do without all the talk of "Little Ronnie" etc., he still is able to draw tremendous heat from the crowd.

    In my opinion, Alberto Del Rio has to be involved in some fashion in this match. Very few people, if any, have ever gone from winning the Royal Rumble to being in the World Heavyweight championship match at WrestleMania and Extreme Rules (or Backlash), to not even on the card at the following PPV.

    Like I said about Mysterio at Extreme Rules, he stands nothing to gain from winning this match. Truth is the one that needs to get over as the top heel, and what better way than by beating the second biggest face on Raw?

    I could see a scenario where R-Truth wins with interference from Alberto Del Rio, then the following night R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and possibly others, have a No. 1 contenders match that results in R-Truth winning and facing the WWE Champion at Capitol Punishment.

    This way, John Morrison can return and cost R-Truth the title, setting up a showdown between the two at SummerSlam.

    Winner: R-Truth

Wade Barrett (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson, Intercontinental Title

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    Although I would have rather seen the Corre broken apart by the draft, I'm glad that this stable is reaching the end.

    I never liked the idea to begin with and felt that it has been mishandled since its inception.

    The way I see this one playing out is that Barrett will expect Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel to get involved to help him, but they will leave ringside and let Zeke finish off Barrett. 

    Hopefully, this can revitalize the mid-card on SmackDown and provide us with quality matches that could eventually lead to a push for these two into the WHC picture.

    Either way, SD needs more powerful faces, and this is one way to put Zeke over.

    Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole, Kiss My Foot Match

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    Please God, let this end.

    This has gone on for two months too long and should have ended at WrestleMania (and should have been a five minute match, not half an hour).

    The locker room should be heated that guys like Drew McIntyre, Zack Ryder, and others do not get in-ring time because this segment takes up a solid 20 minutes every week.

    After Jack Swagger turned his back on Cole this week, there is no chance in hell (cue Vince's entrance), that Cole wins.

    Like I mentioned before, this is a win-win for everyone; Cole will get stomped and younger superstars will now be able to get more in-ring exposure because this joke of a feud won't take up key time on Raw every week.

    If you don't believe me, just look at the change in Cole's commentary this week following Swagger's departure. You could clearly tell he was trying to ease his way back into his normal job as a serious play-by-play announcer.

    Winner: Jerry Lawler

Big Show and Kane (c) vs. CM Punk and Mason Ryan

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    Continuing with things to thank God about, thank God that CM Punk seems to finally have turned the corner and is back on track as one of the top guys on Raw.

    Everyone has heard by now about Punk's contract disputes. Whether or not anything has changed remains to be seen, but it would appear things may have taken a turn for the better this week.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the Big Show and Kane were drafted to separate shows during the 2011 Draft. Yet both still appear on both shows every week.

    Yes, the tag team champs show up on both Raw and SmackDown, but why make the Big Show one of the main televised picks then?

    Anyway, Mason Ryan is clearly being built up to be the next big thing (sorry Brock Lesnar, I feel your pain), and having him lose this match would derail the Batista 2.0 train.

    My only gripe with this match is that Punk said this week that Nexus will not stop until they are the most dominant in every area of WWE.

    Wouldn't it make sense then to have Mike McGillicutty and David Otunga as tag team champs, Ryan chase the US title, and Punk chase the WWE title?

    Maybe that is the long term plan, but it would seem out of place to have the two biggest stars of Nexus hold the tag team titles (unless they also held the other two belts at some point).

    Either way, I'm glad to see Punk get back in the groove, and hopefully this leads to a re-emergence at the top of the card.

    Winners: CM Punk and Mason Ryan

Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian, World Heavyweight Championship

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    WWE has put themselves in quite the conundrum by having the two biggest faces on SmackDown face each other for the World Heavyweight title.

    What do you do with Sheamus, Mark Henry, and even Cody Rhodes for that matter at this PPV?

    It appears that none of those three will be on the card at Over the Limit, which is terrible booking on creative's part.

    We all know about the uprising that occurred when Orton won the title only five days after Christian fulfilled his dream.

    Can you imagine the uprising that would happen if the title changed hands again 16 days later?

    People constantly complain about short title runs, so if you truly want Christian to win, don't be angry at short reigns then.

    Like it or not, Orton is the face of SmackDown, not Christian, and Vince McMahon clearly doesn't believe in Christian as a champion.

    Therefore, I think you see the aforementioned heels try to get involved on both sides, yet Orton still wins clean.

    This will then set up a fatal four way (even though the PPV still isn't named that) at Capitol Punishment between Orton, Christian, Sheamus and Henry. 

    No matter what, Orton will not lose the title to Christian on Sunday.

    Winner: Randy Orton

John Cena (c) vs. the Miz, I Quit Match for the WWE Championship

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    This most likely will be the end of their feud that began months ago, since Cena and Miz have now faced off at three consecutive PPVs.

    While the Miz had a very nice run with the WWE title, don't expect him to come out on top of this match.

    There is no way that creative will have their Superman utter the words, "I quit."

    While some of you might say, "Well, maybe they will have a scenario like the Rock vs. Mankind, where Mankind never said, 'I quit.'," but it won't happen.

    John Cena, for better or worse, will remain the champion, at least until SummerSlam.

    Maybe the Rock will interfere then to cost him the title, but there is no way that they have him hold the title for only three weeks.

    They need to keep the highest possible profile for the Rock-Cena match at WrestleMania 28, and there is no bigger way than by keeping the title in the picture.

    As for the Miz, I would like to see Alex Riley accidentally cost the Miz the match, leading to a feud between the two.

    Riley has been impressive in the past few weeks on the mic, and I think he could thrive in a feud with the Miz.

    Even though Riley was drafted to SmackDown, clearly that doesn't matter to anyone, so this feud could happen on Raw.

    In doing so, the Miz will not be lost in the shuffle on Raw, and it will give him something to do until other feuds end.

    Winner: John Cena


    Check back if any new matches are announced before the PPV. If new matches are announced within 24 hours of the PPV, they will not count towards the actual standings, but could be used as a tie-breaker. 

    I will post a comment on your picks asking you for your choice if any additional matches are made, so make sure to check back over the weekend.

    Also, please put "PPV Prediction Challenge" before your picks to make it easier when compiling the picks.

    Best of luck and enjoy Over the Limit.


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