How WWE's Superstars Are Like Past And Present Politicians

Legendary XContributor IOctober 19, 2008

Seeing the article about How WWE stars are like MLB Baseball teams was so good and got so much feedback I wanted to compare the stars of WWE to The Presidental canidates and vice presidental canidates of the 2008 Elections a well as political figures of the past.

Hope you enjoy.

The Rock: Barrack Obama

Here are two guys who from the instance they came on the scene made waves and had people take notice. The Rock's rise to fame might have been a tiny bit slower, but it still was at rocket pace. Within a year of being in WWE The Rock had everyone talking. The same can be said about Barrack Obama on the  political scene.

Did anyone know of him four years ago? He's quickly assended to the top of his profession much like The Rock. Whether or not he keeps his campaign promises and is loved by all once/if he becomes president remains to be seen.

But if he doesn't live up to all the hype and expectations he could follow in The Rock's footsteps of going from one of the most beloved to fans feeling like he betrayed the people who put him in the  position he got to. Ask most wrestling fans and they will tell you they feel The Rock used the sport of wrestling to further his aspirations of being an actor.

Shawn Michaels: Mike Huckabee

Both Michaels and Huckabee make no apologies or hide behind the fact they are both  evangelical christians. Both have a deep rooted faith and believe and share simular values. While some would compare HBK to GW Bush because they are both from Texas, it's clear Huckabee and Michaels are a better matching.

Vince McMahon: George W. Bush

Here are two guys who have simularites that are uncanny. Vince McMahon has been owner and leader of WWE since 1984 when his father Vince Sr. gave control of WWF to Vince and soon died afterwards.

While the elder Bush is still alive and kicking it's clear both George W. and Vincent K., have surpassed their fathers success and also controversy.

Both are known to be tempermental and strong willed. Yet they both have aligned themselves with a tight knit group of advisers etc. Both have also been accused of being out of touch. Not to mention both have survived through many scandal and questioning of their actions and others around them. For all the criticism they recieve, they still man the ship through rough waters and never ever second guess their  decisions even if those decisions include putting the world title on The Great Khali or going to war with Iraq.

Batista: John Edwards

Both apparently have an insatiable appetite for sex and both have either admitted to or got caught cheating on their wives. The irony doesn't end there.

Both Batista's ex wife and John Edwards wife were stricken with cancer when these couple of bad boys did their dirty deeds. Now while it remains to be seen what is in store for both Batista and John Edwards, it definetly looks like both of there careers have seen their peaks and better times. Both John Edwards and Batista indeed "Walk Alone."

John McCain: Triple H

While it might not be as obvious as the previous. Both McCain and Triple H are more alike then one could imagine.

For starters McCain whether fair or not will be linked to The Bush Adminstration. Because of this he get alot of resentment and flack for it. The very same can be said about Triple H and his ties to The Mcmahon family and being Vince's son in law. Truth be known the reason both Triple H and McCain are where they are at is because they are good at what they do, not because of who they know and align themselves with.

Just like being associated with George W Bush is doing no help or favors to McCain right now Triple H being Vince's son in law doesnt win him brownie points in the locker room by jealous untalented up and comers.

The fact is for as many detractors the both may have, they have just as many supporters who see McCain and Triple H as representing  tradition in there respected fields. When times are tough do you go to the front lines with someone you dont know or do you go to battle with a seasoned veteran who's seen it all.

McCain's experience and Triple H's sledgehammer are the equalizers in most equations.

Edge: John Kerry

Both Kerry and Edge are known for there lantern square jaws. But that's not all.

Both are seasoned veteran's, yet get little respect. Kerry and Edge both have the simularity that they both married famous widows. Jon Kerry's wife Theresa Kerry was formerly Theresa Hines, the late Senator John Hines who died in a plane crash in 1991. And we all know Edge has been "on screen" married to the late Eddie Guerrero's widow Vickie Guerrero.

Undertaker: Ralph Nader

Here's two guys who have been around for ages and dont seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Both Taker and Nader have been ressurected and made returns more times then anyone can count. Yet when an election or major pay per view rolls around you can be sure sooner or later The Taker and The Nader will rear there heads. They both also seem to thwart others plans to championships or presidencies, Just ask Edge or Al Gore.

Santino Marella: Rudy Guliani

Yes the obvious is they are both italian, but it doesnt end there. Here's two guys who have gotten over and are still in the public eye when it's been a while since they accomplished a major title win or been mayor. Like Guliani, Santino makes grandiose claims about being great yet is really all hot air.

Guliani like Santino has been known to hitch his star to bigger names to get higher. Same goes for Santino. Santino has mentioned Stone Cold, Rowdy Piper, and every single one of them has showed up and made Santino a bigger star.

Ross Perot: Hornswoggle

Need I say more

Ric Flair: Bill Clinton

Both Flair and Clinton are loved my millions.Both also have a larger then life persona. It makes perfect sense then that these two are a match.

Clinton has used his charm, intelligence and personality to become one of the most like presidents around, and even after embarrassing his wife and himself, he still is loved and respected by people. How does he do it? I dont know but the same people who love Clinton would be the same people who love Ric Flair.

Both Ric and Bill's legacy is more then there bad mistakes and indescresions, people like them because of what they did professionally.

Times were good during the Clinton administration. Gas was low, We didnt have any wars and Slick Willy was too busy having an affair to care about what Osama Bin Laden was planning.

As for Flair, The Nature Boy styled and profiled through decades without a care in the world and the good times rolling. They also both made us feel good about ourselves and our country during there prime. Unfortunatley both are past there prime now and we must remember their legacy.

In closing I'd like to say I could compare someone to Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin but I cannot.

How can you compare WWE Diva's to two of the most powerful woman in the world.

Vickie Guerrero couldnt be Hilary because Eddie passed away and Bill is alive and Hilary is now out of the presidental picture and Vickie is still GM on Smackdown.

And as far as Palin well I really cant match her up with anyone either.

Both Hilary and Palin are great role models and have a great future ahead of them I just cant see how they can be compared to a Maria or Kelly Kelly.


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