Tiger Woods: How Each Aspect of His Game Will Be Hurt by His Latest Injury

Immer Chriswell@@immerrangeCorrespondent IMay 17, 2011

Tiger Woods: How Each Aspect of His Game Will Be Hurt by His Latest Injury

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    We've all known about Tiger's injury issues since the 2008 US Open, then to find out that he also had an achilles issue. Now, it's the same knee, and a new achilles.

    However, everyone seems to question his issues. This is a disclaimer: I support Tiger, and believe that he is injured. Despite his history, you can't just say "he lied once why is he telling the truth now?"

    Believe it or not, Tiger is calling this an injury.

    So what does this spell for Tiger's game? Doom? Or not?


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    While Tiger's new swing does take pressure off his swing, it doesn't mean that it will do enough.

    When he is back, fully expect a slight tweak in his swing for his driver to take even more stress off his knee. If you want proof he will do it, just watch the swing video above. That's Tiger in the US Open, and it's not his normal swing.

    What Tiger did is adjust where his weight goes through his swing in order to take stress off his knee. By the way, yes it is a three-metal that he is hitting, but it the concept of his tee shot that I'm getting at. Look at 55 seconds to see Tiger hit.

    Another thing Tiger might have to consider is swing length. A shorter swing will make it less likely Tiger's swing would get a little off, and have to correct something, which would put his knee at risk.


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    Another thing Tiger's going to have to tweak is his overall iron play. It isn't going to be much at all, though. His current swing really does promote a lot of weight being taken off his leg. 

    All I really think Tiger will really have to worry about is awkward lies. Anything outside of a flat lie is not going to be easy to play, obviously. His weight shift on an uphill lie is going to have to be softer, while on a downhill lie, he will have to use a little more knee bend.

    The other thing Tiger might want to consider, and this is just a thought, is a little more knee bend. Stiff legs just as much as those bent too much is going to put him at risk. Tiger's standing more upright, and while it is a good thing, a little more athletic might help.

Short Game and Putting

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    This is one thing that is a huge plus. Well, somewhat. Tiger's now sidelined until Congressional. He says "week-to-week," but that's his out in case he wants to play early, or not at the US Open.

    Since he hadn't touched his clubs before his practice at Sawgrass, you can't imagine he will be for a few more weeks. Well, at least his long clubs. Tiger is a work addict. He's going to continue to do what he can to work on his game, that being his short game.

    Yes, that means Tiger's putting mess is going to get more attention than ever. And his new chipping will have a chance to further evolve.


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    This injury is a huge wake-up call for Tiger. Even if it isn't serious like he claims (which I believe is serious), it's the proof that his game really needs to be on to compete.

    Yes, we know that Tiger won on a torn ACL and stress fracture, but he didn't have an Achilles issue then. Just for knowledge, Tiger now has claimed injury on both. One of them (the right) more serious than the other.

    While this may hit Tiger's swing progression hard, it's going to make him really think about what he's doing on the golf course. There's only so many times he can withdraw before people really start to question him (even though most already have).

    Give Tiger a chance to come back. The US Open is a huge task. If he can't top 10 there, which he has for the past five cuts made (he missed the one after his father died), then he may have an issue for the rest of the season.