Sox Vs Rays Recap: TBS Not "Very Funny"

RICK BACKERContributor IOctober 18, 2008

All day I waited for the Red Sox vs Rays game. The 7:00 hour strikes (est) I think to myself one hour until the first pitch. Every person in Massachussets was overly excited for this game especially after the 7-0 seventh inning comeback from Thursday night. 

The 8:00 hours is approaching for a few minutes I switch to the Bruins game to see the score. I then switch back to TBS and see Americas Funniest Home Videos is on.


8:00 EST : Still No Baseball as a matter of fact TBS starts airing a show they consider "Very Funny." This show is called The Steve Harvey show. After five minutes of watching this show I start to think I might be on the wrong channel. So I start looking at all the other channels baseball might be on...NOTHING...

8:15 This may have been the longest 15 minutes of my life. At this point I'm freaking out no Sox-Rays game any where and not only that I am so afraid to change the channel thinking the game will break through and interrupt this horrible show...side note: I honestly thought this was a Nickelodeon show it was very cheesy.

8:22 So at this point I'm thinking baseball may never come on again, I am also thinking that TBS is not very funny for this cruel blunder on playoff coverage.

For the last 22 minutes I've been watching a show about a kid named "BulletHead" who has to emcee his high school talent show. I would rather go through Chinese Water Torture than ever see this show again, I would Rather Have JigSAW kidnap me and put a bear trap around my neck than watch the Steve Harvey show. DAMN YOU TBS DAMN YOU!

8:27 FINALLY some baseball. They break into the game and we missed a home run, we missed opening pitch, and lastly the whole world hates TBS.

TBS cuts back in time and we get to see Kevin Youkilis hit a home run to tie the game at one in the second inning. Much like last time Beckett faced off against Shields it was a pitchers duel were Beckett had 13 strikeouts but Shields got the win.

Beckett looked somewhat sharp and threw his breaking ball for strikes Shields also looked sharp but not as good as the last time these two faced off. There was a small delay in the fourth inning when the umpire was struck with a foul ball in his upper chest area and had to leave the game. It seemed like once the delay was over both pitchers came out a little cold.

Side note: During the delay we get to watch one of TBS' finest, Craig Sager—the Don Cherry of baseball. Either he bought the wardrobe of Anchorman on eBay and wears a different Ron Burgundy suit every day OR this guy hasn't bought a new suit since 1970. His suits are "Very Funny" looking maybe TBS should buy him a nicer suit to wear on tv.

4-2 Red Sox in the ninth, but the whole game I was somewhat distracted and I tend to pick up on stupid little things that annoy me (bad trait).

There was a Billy Corgan looking fan sitting in the front row behind or close to the Red Sox dugout. Whenever they would cut to a certain camera angle this guy would be in the background. The entire game either he was on his phone talking or texting. This jerk had front row seats to one of the biggest games in Tampa Bay history and he is to busy texting friends or the chick he has been trying to score with for months

"LOL i am at the game its awesome"..."omg i payed like 800 bux 4 these tix dude"...This guy is such an a-hole he's on the phone talking and missing David Ortiz bat in the eighth inning, you think that person your talking to can hear you? You think that person isn't saying "It's brian he's at the game front row he just called to tell me I suck and hes at the game and I am not...that brian..."

Hey buddy how about you stop texting and stop talking on your phone and watch the goddamn game, Bandwagon Fan! It was probably his first Tampa Bay Rays game he saw all year.

For those who have tivo'd the game look for him he's bald around 30 years old wearing a black t-shirt that's extra tight he a real jack ass.

Papelbon gets the Rays 1-2-3 and we go to Game Seven Sunday Night. Let's hope TBS lets us watch the first pitch Sunday Night. Make sure you tune in its going to be a classic.