WWE's Legacy: What If Randy Orton Feuded with Former Legacy Cohorts?

RiZESenior Writer IMay 17, 2011

A little over eight years ago, Triple H and Ric Flair prepared an angle to create future WWE Superstars.  In what was conceived as a modern day version of the Four Horsemen, Evolution quickly became the focal point of Monday Night RAW.

The Game and Flair recruited Dave Batista and Randy Orton as the future of the WWE. At one point, Evolution controlled each championship on RAW eligible for male performers.

A World Title win by Randy Orton and on-screen problems between Batista and Triple H effectively ended one of the greatest stables in the WWE. Despite this, the group accomplished its initial goal. The stable created two of the WWE’s biggest stars while raising the stock of two WWE Legends. After the destruction of Evolution, the members normally engaged in feuds with a former cohort.

The feuds saw Batista take on Randy Orton on SmackDown, while Triple H destroyed Ric Flair on RAW.

Numerous injuries and sabbaticals saw Randy Orton as the sole Evolution performer in the WWE. After returning from a collar bone injury, Orton sparked a small feud with Team Priceless. Orton was horrified by the fact that Rhodes and Dibiase allowed Cryme Tyme to steal their tag team titles. A number of run-ins and short confrontations would follow as Orton continued to taunt the group.

After assisting Orton in taking out CM Punk, Orton eased his criticism of the group.

The additions of Sim Snuka and Manu were hardly noticeable, as the group found itself on the wrong end of Orton’s bite. After inadvertently costing Orton a match with CM Punk, Dibiase was kicked in the head by the Viper.

As the weeks passed, Manu and Sim were excommunicated from the group, as Dibiase returned to side with Orton and Rhodes.

The group became RAW’s focal point as Orton punted Vince McMahon in the skull a week before Royal Rumble 2009. The duo also assisted Orton in winning the Rumble match. Rhodes and Dibiase would assist Orton in beat-downs on the McMahons and Triple H himself. Despite this, Orton was unsuccessful in a WWE Title match against Triple H at WrestleMania 25.

Legacy quickly bounced back by defeating Triple H, Batista and Shane McMahon to win the WWE Championship for Orton.

This was the first of a host of championship reigns by Orton with the help of Dibiase and Rhodes. In fact, the duo assisted Orton in successful title matches against Triple H, John Cena and Batista. After Orton lost the final match between him and Cena, things began to stir in the wrong direction.

The duo inadvertently cost Orton the WWE Title on numerous occasions.

After the Royal Rumble, Orton finally exploded when he began attacking both members. Legacy finally disbanded at WrestleMania when Orton defeated both in a Triple Threat match.

Orton turned face in the process but caused controversy among most fans. For months, the original plan was to turn Dibiase face for the release of the Marine 2.

Dibiase would turn on Orton and leave the group, as he picked up wins over Orton along the way.

After WrestleMania 26, Cody Rhodes was drafted to SmackDown as Dibiase adopted his father's gimmick. Orton began his ascension to the top of the WWE as its second biggest babyface. Dibiase and Orton crossed paths occasionally in tag matches and the RAW Money in the Bank. Rhodes adopted his dashing gimmick on SmackDown as Dibiase dropped off the radar.

It seemed as if we’d never see the group cross paths again.

Until now.

With Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase drafted to SmackDown through the WWE draft, a feud between the three may be a few short weeks away. Randy Orton has made his presence felt on SmackDown with the win over Christian for the World Championship. Cody Rhodes defeated his former cohort on SmackDown in a competitive match.

In case you’ve avoided SmackDown, Cody Rhodes has become a big deal. The demented gimmick, Heath Ledger accent and imposing mask have shed some light on Rhodes’ character. Cody has seemingly turned into SmackDown’s brightest up-and-comer.

At this point in time, Cody has no direction with Rey Mysterio being drafted to RAW.

It’s only a matter of time before Rhodes sets his sights on Orton’s World Championship.

Ted Dibiase had become an afterthought on RAW. Numerous losses eventually led to Dibiase’s fall from grace.

Now that SmackDown lacks main event talent, Dibiase’s character may be rejuvenated for the sake of the show. Like I stated above, Dibiase went neck and neck with Rhodes but was ultimately trapped in a Cross Rhodes.

It seems as if things are just beginning for Legacy.

Randy Orton has an upcoming title match with Christian. Given WWE’s opinion on Christian and his short title reign, Orton will defeat Christian at Over the Limit. Afterwards, Orton is almost out of worthy challengers. Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett are likely to continue their feud while Sheamus vs. Orton is predictable.

Orton taking on one (or both) of his former cohorts is the only logical direction.

Storyline was, Cody could seek revenge for the punt he received at WrestleMania 26. Dibiase and Rhodes can argue that Legacy was created to protect Orton and his precious WWE Championship. Dibiase can argue that Orton outshined him on RAW and he never received an opportunity to main event.

To spark the feud, Rhodes and Dibiase would brutally attack Randy on a number of occasions. As if the duo made a deal to weaken Orton before their Triple Threat match.

Another positive would be the longevity of this feud. If Orton were to win the triple threat, Rhodes or Dibiase could pursue the IC Championship while the other continues the feud with Orton.

The Legacy angle would come full circle.

The rub of a star the caliber of Randy Orton would do wonders for Dibiase or Rhodes.

At this point, Dibiase is the thriving star while Rhodes is the rising mid-carder.

Imagine if Dibiase or Rhodes were to dethrone Orton as World Champion?

Now that would be priceless.

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