Smackdown Recap 10/17/08 or Kozlov Continues To Rule Friday Night

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2008

Friday Night Smackdown finishes another edition and just like always, it's time to see what worked and what didn't.

We open the show with none other than talking; the bane of wrestling's existence.  This time, it's The Big Show and Chavo Guerrero in the ring.  Show talks about how he's not scared of The Undertaker and is going to have a match for with him at Cyber Sunday.  He announces the three matches as a Last Man Standing match, an I Quit match, or a Knockout match.

Show then invites three random jobbers to participate in all of the match types as a demonstration of what will happen to Taker. 

Here's what always bothers me about these segments.  Why waste all of this TV time on something that fans already know?  Everyone knows what a last man standing and I quit match is. 

The fans can also piece together what a knockout match is as well.  Why take the first 20 minutes of the show to do something like this?

These three jobbers aren't The Undertaker so the fact that Big Show is dominating over them doesn't make him look any better.  It just comes off as boring.

The first match of the night sees Carlito and Primo Colon versus Hawkins and Ryder.  The fact that Jim Ross referred to Hawkins and Ryder as an underrated tag team was hilarious.  They never did anything with the titles.  They were the definition of transitional champions.

The fans really didn't seem to care too much about this match and in all honesty, why should they?  Hawkins and Ryder have no credibility as a tag team as they don't have any credible wins under their belts.  The Colons are still too new and haven't built the following behind them just yet.

Primo is exciting to watch in the ring but other than that, these four men don't offer anything else.  The Colons need to begin a feud with The Miz and Morrison.  This should provide some very interesting matches and promos.

The Colons retain their title after Primo lands a missile drop kick off the top.  The match was a little over eight minutes long.  This was a title match and it wasn't given as much time as the opening segment of Big Show talking and beating up jobbers.  This is proof positive that Vince doesn't like the tag division.

We get Eve backstage with MVP.  This is the first time that MVP brings up the incentive storyline.  The only good thing that can come out of this is the fact that creative has a reason for MVP to go on a losing streak.  This won't damage his credibility now as the fans expect him to loose.

The next match sees MVP versus R-Truth.  MVP really showed that he is the best performer on Smackdown.  He was able to take a limited wrestler like R-Truth and make a very interesting match out of it.

This match had MVP dominating the entire time.  After one quick counter, R-Truth hits the Scissor Kick and picks up the win.  I don't think it's ever a good idea for a wrestler to job after one move.  It really makes them look bad.

Backstage, we get Vickie Guerrero and The Big Show waiting in the office for someone to come in.  Every time I see Vickie in the wheelchair, all I can think about is The Cowboy Bob Orton and his cast.

The first person to walk in is Funaki, with his new gimmick.  I don't see a point in changing Funaki's gimmick this far into his WWE career.  Unless they're planning on giving him matches now and highlighting him on TV, they shouldn't be wasting their time on something like this.

Maryse comes in and asks why she has to fight for number one contendership if she already beat McCool in singles competition two weeks ago.  This is actually a very valid question.  Maryse pinned McCool clean in a non title match.  She should automatically be the number one contender.  At least creative acknowledged this win as opposed to pretending that it never happened.

Finally, The Great Khali enters and Vickie tells him that he will be fighting The Undertaker.  Khali says he doesn't want to get involved and Vickie bullies him into the match.  It really looks like Khali is a the verge of turning face.

The next match sees Ezekiel Jackson versus Super Crazy.  It's always good to see Super Crazy on TV but not when he's cannon fodder.  The match was too quick that it didn't even show what Ezekiel could do.  It was a typical big man dominating match.

Eziekel wins the match with a Rock Bottom like manuvier.  What I found interesting is that Tazz called it a Ura-Nage Slam.  It appeared that he was trying to be more like Matt Striker and calling moves by their Japanese names.  What makes this interesting is the fact that it's not a traditional Ura-Nage Slam.

We get Eve backstage with Triple H as he hypes Cyber Sunday.

The next match is The Undertaker versus The Great Khali.  It was good to see The Undertaker's entrance at the top of the hour.  It's a good marketing move to have someone as big as The Undertaker show up when people might be tuning in.

The match was uneventful and worked as a typical big man versus big man match.  Eventually, Big Show comes out and causes a disqualification after he choke slams Taker. 

Show gets a chair and demands that Khali hit him with it.  Khali refuses and walks out.  I think that this is his official turn but we'll see what he does next week.  Taker gets a hold of the chair and attacks Show.

The Divas Las Vegas Match is next or, as I like to call it, the random item on a pole match.  These are always a recipe for disaster.

The fact that this match was for fuzzy dice really shows what creative thinks about the Divas Title.  There really wasn't anything memorable about this match.  It was just all the women in the corner the entire time.  Granted, it was clever because that's how all these matches should work.

Maria eventually gets the win and becomes the number one contender for the Divas title at a none disclosed date.  I'm wondering if creative will remember that Maria has this or if they'll just drop the story in a few weeks.

The next match is Ryan Braddock and Kenny Dykstra versus Jesse and Festus.  Again, another quick match but it did have a strong opening.  As soon as the bell rang, Festus threw Jesse at Braddock.  What made this so good was the fact that Jesse looked terrified as he had no idea what Festus was going to do.

The fans were dead for this match, which is strange as Festus is usually over in whatever town they visit.  This match was too quick to really highlight anyone.  Festus gets the deciding fall for his team.

We do get an interesting backstage segment with Maria and McCool.  McCool says that she's so happy that Maria won the title and pinches Maria's cheek.  This is an interesting story as it shows that McCool isn't taking Maria serious.  Looks like we may have a title change soon.

The main event sees Jeff Hardy versus Vladimir Kozlov.  Kozlov dominated almost through out this match.  Jeff showed some good retaliation at times but other than that, he was destroyed. 

Kozlov continues to look good in the ring but Hardy continues to lose credibility.  He's been wanting this match for weeks now and he can't get his revenge.  Hardy is losing steam and hopefully creative won't let him cool off too much as the fans really want to see him as champion.

Kozlov gets the win with the driving head butt.  Triple H comes into the for a face off to end the night.

Overall, a weak show.  Nothing too memorable and no real progression in any direction except the Divas Title.  With a pay per view less than a week away, the WWE really needs to turn it up to get people interested.  My rating: C-