Michigan Shows Pride: Folds In Second Half to Nittany Lions

Jeff ContizanoCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2008

For the first time in a long time, Michigan fans saw a good team on the field.

On the first drive Michigan's defense stood up the powerful Nittany Lions attack. Players were flying to the ball, hitting hard, and really playing the smash-mouth defense that so many fans had hoped for this year.

On offense the handoffs from Threet to Minor were seamless, and no yards were lost as the line burst off the snap into Penn State's defense.

My heart was filled with pride as I saw Michigan's players giving it all they had. Emotion.

On the bench players bumped helmets and celebrated every tackle, and I know that display had to make the coaching staff proud.

But after building a solid 17-7 lead, it all fell apart for Michigan. Pride and effort could only take them so far.

Penn State's dynamic offensive attack soon began to pick the Wolverines apart, and it was then I knew we would not win the game.

Daryll Clark is a monster. When most players hit him, he is still able to get the ball downfield to his playmakers. And Even Royster is a shifty back worthy of more praise than he receives.

The better team won today, that much is obvious. Penn State made better adjustments, and overall  had more talent to win the day. But Michigan fans should not entirely frown on this loss.

Rich Rodriguez actually appeared to have a solid game plan in the first half. The offense was moving the ball well, and starting Brandon Minor was one of the smartest decisions he's made as head coach, the kid proved he can play on the field today.

The defense was strong for a while, but eventually they could not contain Williams, Clark, and Royster, and the game became out of hand as Threet went down.

Not to knock Sheridan, but he can't play. Put Feagin, Cone, or even Carlos Brown in Rich, but not Sheridan any longer.

What can Michigan take from this? They played hard for a half, and showed a fiery spirit that has been missing from the Wolverines this year. And the offense proved it can work.

So let's move on to next week, and Congrats Penn State.