Just Fall On The Ball, Please.

E161StreetContributor IOctober 18, 2008

Why is it that the simplest tasks in pro sports seem to be the most difficult?

From dropping down a bunt in baseball, to making a tackle in football. The fundamental plays that we learn in little league baseball and pewee football are too often overlooked in pro sports. When I am watching a game and I see a player not able to drop a successful bunt it drives me crazy.

There are two things that happen in the NFL that really gets my goat. The first is when a team is up late in the game and the corner picks the ball off and decides the attempt to run it back. The players are on the bench screaming at him to get down but he just keeps on going.

How many times have you seen this? I have seen this happen way to often. There is one min left in the game your team is up by seven points and the other team has no timeouts left. What is this player thinking? If I am the coach I don't care who the player is, they will be ridding the pine in the next game.

The other situation in the NFL that I will never understand is when a ball is fumbled and the player (in traffic) tries to pick up the ball and run with it. Only to never get a grip on the ball and loose it. What ever happened to falling on the football? There is something you never see anymore. How often do you see a player successfully pick up a fumble in traffic and return it? Not that often.

I would like to blame the coaching, but I am sure they have fumble drills in practice. The problem is ESPN and all the other sports networks. It is not sexy to recover a fumble. Players these days want to score and reach the end zone and get on Sportscenter.

I find myself every Sunday yelling at the TV "just fall on the ball!!!!" But they never listen. How many times have you seen four or five players all get their hands on the ball trying to pick it up and run with it before they have control of it? Meanwhile three out of the five players all could have just fallen on the ball.

It is very surprising to me that the announcers do not seem to bring this up. Once again if i am the coach I am benching the wanna be hero. Unless the ball bounces right towards you then please just fall on the Ball. Give your offense a chance to get something done.