Open Letter to Ned Yost, Kansas City Royals: From Judge, Jury and Executioner

Monty HeldtContributor IMay 17, 2011

"10 runs in one inning?  Suck it up kid...Get back on the horse!"
"10 runs in one inning? Suck it up kid...Get back on the horse!"

Dear Ned Yost...

Wow, you singlehandedly ruined the career and personal life of Vin Mazzaro last night. I mean, 14 runs on one guy...really? Then we send him to the minors?

So he goes out and tosses up 10 runs in one inning. So you trot him out there again?  

Ten runs. That's right. The stats line reads 10 runs in one inning of work. The mound is soaked in grapefruit juice, and you, in your infinite wisdom, throw him out there again?  

"Go ahead kiddo...give 'em the gas! You can get it back..." Like, seriously?

And you let him go out there again? Wow, do you hate the kid? Is he sleeping with your wife? Does he have naked pics of you? Did he put your kitty in a gunnysack and tie it to the exhaust pipe on your sedan?

What about the rest of your pitching staff? Do you think they trust you more now than before? I will tell you what they are thinking...

"We have a club full of prospects and blue-chippers being managed by a bloody moron." That's what I would be saying. I know that is what Royals Nation is thinking this morning. The Royals have a dedicated fanbase and have seen some rough times since the days of George Brett...but this was a joke.

You let a young pitcher get shot full of holes in asking him to burn up a couple of innings. If the idea was to preserve your bullpen, why did you trot Joakim Soria out there later? Do you have any idea how to manage a ball club at this level? Did you not have an infielder you could have thrown out there to get ripped up like that? 

The whole scene reminded me of the Detroit Red Wings versus the Montreal Canadians in Patrick Roy's last game there. Did you see it?

The coach decided to leave him in there for about nine straight goals, and finally Patrick walked over to the bench and pulled himself. He also mentioned he would never wear the Habs uni again, as you may recall.  

Mazzaro is not a Hall of Famer by any stretch. What did you want him to do? Go "Paddy Roy" on you and the ownership? Get banished from the majors for life? Accept a blackballing because you are clueless?

I give the kid credit for continuing to take the signals and lobbing them in there. I would have walked into the clubhouse and given you the five knuckle snapper samwich. Maybe you need one now.

I mean, why did you not offer Vin a blindfold and a cigarette? This was a mercy killing, and the career, and ERA, of Mazzaro is who got gunned down, in less than a blaze of glory, in the streets like a dog. Well done. You can really tell the grandkids about that one. He got the slow pitch pitcher treatment last night and may never live it down.

You can write a it "How to take a pitcher, and send him to a slow, fiery death in front of the entire world, and then hide, and not own it, and blame the kid by sending him to the minors the next day, and lose the entire ball club and fanbase in one night..." A tad longwinded, but you get my drift.

Ned, you seem like a good guy, but if you want to manage at this level, you are going to have to be smarter than a baseball. This, my man, was anything but. They ought to option you to Omaha permanently!

The Verdict? Off With His head!! (fire him)



Judge, Jury, Executioner