UFC and Twitter: Digital Royalty and the UFC Twitter Bonus Program

Todd SeylerContributor IMay 17, 2011

Twitter and the UFC
Twitter and the UFC

Whereas other major sporting promotions are denouncing the utilization of social media, specifically Twitter, by its athletes, the UFC is encouraging their fighters to tweet.

Understanding the exponential benefits of Twitter and Facebook, UFC president Dana White has created the first social media-based incentive program for fighters.

The NFL and NBA are well-known for fining their players up to $20,000 for violating social media policies during games.

On the other hand, the UFC is embracing the far-reaching grasp that social media has in this world and will be compensating its fighters with up to $240,000 annually.

The allotted money will be dispersed as quarterly bonuses to those fighters who make the most impact through their Twitter accounts.

News of this program was released at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas at the UFC summit where more than 300 fighters were required to go through "Digital Royalty University social media training."

The vision of the UFC is to allow its stable of fighters to create more interaction with their fans on a personal level through the use of Twitter.

This personal engagement between fighter and fan will strengthen the bond that is vital to the success of mixed martial arts in this country. There is no denying that without the fans, ultimate fighting does not exist.

Starting June 1, Stikeforce and UFC fighters will be divided into four groups depending on their number of Twitter followers.

From these groups, three winners will be determined based on the most followers gained, highest percentage of followers gained and most creative campaign.

Each winner will be awarded $5,000 for his effort.

Dana White, a social media aficionado himself, understands the value of Twitter and the personal relationship that is awarded between the fighters and their followers in only 140 characters.

Only time will tell if the other major sporting promotions follow suit with the UFC and embrace the worldwide grasp that social media creates.

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