The Eastern Conference Is Back

JACK LContributor IOctober 18, 2008

Last year the NBA and its fans, both nationally and worldwide, were blessed with a ferocious Western Conference battle.

However, this year, we can expect the same thing from the East Coast. With the West's top contenders becoming more evident, it is time for the "boring East" to get its time to shine in the spotlight.

Several aspects have convinced me to believe such an outlook on this much-anticipated upcoming season.

First, it is about time Lebron James has been given help. With the possible last years for Lebron in Cleveland, it's the time where they must go for the ring. Mo Williams is the right fit for this one-dimensional team.

In the past season, James has been the one strength for the Cavs. Teams would stick their best defenders, as well as additional help, to contain this guy. However, this year Williams will be wearing the maroon and gold jersey. Williams is a sharpshooting point guard coming off two outstanding seasons averaging 17.3 and 17.2 points per game.

The second aspect indicating chaos in the east is Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley. These kids are beasts, and I mean BEASTS.

Michael Beasley is a rebounding and scoring machine. As for Rose, he is a freakishly quick 6'3" point guard. Both rookies will add trouble to the other Bulls' guards, as well as the rest of the eastern conference because these boys can play.

Third, the Eastern Conference has not lost any of its best players to other teams or free agency.

If anything, the top five or six teams have built on their already successful teams in the east. J. O'Neal is now in Toronto to assist Chris Bosh. Philly has added Elton Brand, as well as AI's new contract to their team. Washington will have Gilbert Arenas for more than 16 games. Knicks now have a new face in their franchise with D'Antoni and Walsh.

The last indication to my prediction for the East's craziness this year is the Western Conference.

The Spurs are older and slower. Perhaps it's time for their decline. The Warriors are a whole new team without their former star Baron 'Beardly' Davis. And King Kobe's finger will definitely prove to cause some problems for the Lakers.

The Suns now have to deal with Shaquille O'Neal for a whole season. He's slow, big, and old. Still the most dominate ever, but he's 36 years old. After all the hack-a-Shaq, he must be tired.

Nash is hurting, and Chris Paul is now the best point guard in the league. The Nugs have given up all the defense they had last year in Marcus Camby. The West is definitely still stronger than the East, but they are no longer as much run and gun.

As for my playoff predictions, we'll wait for the season to start. The NBA season of 2008-2009 starts Oct. 28, and I hope you are all as excited as I am.

Thanks a lot and I look forward to your comments.