Reds: Do They Have What it Takes?

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2008

The Cincinnati Reds haven't had a winning season in several years.

They have not played in a world series in over 15 years.

They have had 4 different managers in the last 3 years.

In 2006, when Robert Castelini bought the team he promised to bring "championship baseball back to Cincinnati."

In his first year, the Reds were in playoff contention, even being in first place at one point, until the Reds went on a 10-game road trip to California in which they went 2-8. That took them out of first place and putting them a half game out of the wild card race.

They ended up not regaining ground and did not make the playoffs. Again.

Then, in 2007, the Reds had another sub par season didn't make the playoffs. The Reds need to do something if they want to win.

So early in the off season they acquired Brewer's closer Fransisco "Coco" Cordero, to strengthen the National League's worst bullpen. Enough you think? Probably not.

The Reds started pursuing a big name starting pitcher. Several newspapers reported that the Reds were looking to sign Baltimore ace Erik Bedard. The Reds made several offers for Bedard, but what the Orioles wanted most were the Reds top pitching prospects: Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto.

The Reds did not want to give up those prospects, thus ending trade talks with the Orioles. Which brings up the question, "How are you going to bring 'Championship Baseball' to Cincinnati if you are basing the future of your club on two pitchers with less then a half of a year of major league experience combined?"

And how are you going to pick up a big name player if you don't want to give up what's wanted for it. I hope it doesn't come to this but Reds fans, I would start selling those season tickets.